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hi, i'm sunny & i won't be on witty for a while.
i really just need a break from everything, witty included.

to saveoursouls, quidditchcaptain, expressionless, confessions_of_a_cutter, cHeeRiNg4LIFE, proveyouwrong, yamigoochi, anch0redships, soccerloverx03x, & all of the other most beautiful & wonderful girls i've ever had the pleasure of meeting;
thank you. ♥ you guys have changed my life for the better. chances are, none of you will see this as you probably lost hope on me ever getting on witty again, but i love you. every single one of you make me smile.  you are beautiful & inspirational, & believe me i'll be back, but in the time i won't, please don't forget how much you mean to me & how much i fucking adore you. C': ♥ you're perfect & no one can ever say anything to make me think differently.

goodbye :) ♥


Quotes by duckysayssmile

I thought I could live in your arms,   


and spend every moment I had with you.

                                              MAYDAY PARADE: THREE CHEERS FOR FIVE YEARS


cupid shot his arrow and missed.


if this is real,                                                                      ♥      

I don't wanna fake it. 

         ( just close your eyes. )                                       

you'll be alright.

hold on to this lullaby,

even when the music is gone.



I lost my heart.

                                                                       my home is the ocean. 


It's not a bird, not a plane.
It's my heart and it's going,

gone away


I think your mouth should be quiet,
--------------------------------------------------> cause it never tells the truth.


my love is just waiting 
to turn your tears to roses.


I want to be the girl that stays the same,
while everyone else is changing.