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Im not lying about my age and weather you decide too belive me or not is fine. I am almost 14.

[[ My picture isnt fake; Its just that my mom actually wanted like family pictures and crap and since my dads not around anymore, it was just me her and sora. And we each took one individually and that was mine, so thats why its proffesional. ]]

My names Tristen, I am 13 years old, turning 14 soon.
 I am home schooled and I have a little sister named Sora. I play drums, and basketball and of course guitar hero.

I'll give you advice if you need it, or if you just wanna talk. you can IM me or send me a comment.

So im a guy on witty profiles, and im not gay.
Im only here because I just got my heartbroken and I 
wanted to see how the mind of  girl works
and what it is they really want to make
myself the perfect guy.
I know that sounds gay, but honestly im not.

--im sorry if I deleted your comment ;; I was going through them and my sisters cat jumped on the keyboard and I started pressin buttons so if your was deleted please send it again, thanks (:

Quotes by dude_on_witty

I got my hands in my pockets
 and my head in the clouds
This is how I do,
when I think about you...
- Heroine/hero, boys like girls

This quote is for all the girls on witty
The ones who have had there [heart broken]
And the ones who found love
This is a thanks for being welcoming
to all the guys on witty

No, Im sorry but I have no clue
why guys find the word  [ p-u-d-d-i-n-g ] so funny.

The Perfect Girl ;;
A girl who is sweet but wont let you walk all over her.
We are atracted to power.
Smart girls are awesome,
But use small words please.
Looks are great and all, but the
best thing about a girl --
confidence --
but that doesnt mean being stuck up.
Being unique is great.
Cutting yourself is not attractive,
Neither is way too much make up.
Keep it simple.
We really dont care how much money
you spent on shoes.
And im sorry, but no, I cant tell the difference
between blue and aqua.
alot of guys cant.
Just be yourself.

-- my perfect girl I guess ;;
by request, not sure if it answers your question,
but I think that this is whut most guys want.

Well, I cant be Edward Cullen
But I promise I can love you just as much as he loves

- So, my bestfriend made me read the book.

So let me get this straight ...

I stay up till 4:00 in the morning, writing crappy love songs and poems all in an attempt to get you too se how much I loved you,

While you, lay in your bed dreaming about
She laughs at my dreams
dream about her

-Its kinda sad ; but its true.
Guitar hero
is more fun
in your boxers
I asked her what she wanted ;;
Then she threw a 'twilight' book at me.
Suddenly I understand
why she told me she likes
my shirt....