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Hello. Aloha. Hey. Cześć.
I'm Alexx, I am a teenage girl 
trying to live my life to the fullest<3
I'm 1OO% Polish.
I play the Ukulele.
I'm a blonde.
*I could care less what
you think of me..
party always :)
BMX♥ &Cheerleading♥

I have that bestfriend (:
and that boy.. nah mean?



Quotes by dudeitsalexx_heart

As much as it hurts to say,
I can't lead you on any longer.
You've broken me too many
times, babe. I just want you
to know how much it hurts
to be disrespected & lied to.
It's time for me to stop running
back to you. I'm still just a
teenage girl; a stupid girl.
I hope you understand.
It's for the best. You'll find some
one. And so will I.


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OMMMGGG! i looove horsess!! and boys!

im SOO boredd! FOLLOWEEEEEEEE!! click the heart!!


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mine. no  j o c k i  n g.

today he took on a date;
to the Walmart toy section.

                                                 he's a keeper.
The awkward moment when..
a gay baby isn't  born.
who else knew that
Far East Movement
is a bunch of Asians..
mascara alwaybeats boys , because when boys walk..
Sometimes in my
tears I drown.
but I
never let it
get me down so when
negativity surrounds . .
I know someday
it'll all
turn around.