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Hey, I'm Dylan Young.
17 years of age | Australian | Single.

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Quotes by dylboi

An hour passes, nobody knows that he's gone.
He's tensed up all white with a note in his palm.
His girlfriend walks in and drops to the floor, but this note in his hand cannot be ignored.
Tears running down her face and her make up, the first three words she read were, 
'I Hate Love.'


They were the 'perfect couple', they always locked lips.He gave her his heart, he said;
"Don't drop this."
She looked him in the eye and said; "I promise you, I'll replace it with mine and it's not gonna move."


The day I stop loving you, is the day I die..

DYLAN = YAY, OH EM GEE, I’m so loved :’D
*dylboi commented on your quote.*
-.- Cheers bro, totes needed to know what I just did..

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One of the best things I ever read.