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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
Oh, you beautiful wonderful soul stumbled across my profile <3 :) Take a look, like what you see? 
Hello Beautiful! It seems that for whatever reason, you are reading this jumble of words. Well good, im glad. They call me Erica and i've been here for about 15 years now. I blow out the candles on April 30 :) I'm a bit of a music freak, i play my guitar just about all day every day which yes, means i have really no life. And thats okay. My life hasn't always been roses and butterflies but today, right now, im doing just fine. I'm not one for trusting people, and i'm not exactly good at this game called love, but im trying my hardest to get better. I've been hurt, broken hearted, bullied, abused, walked all over, left to cleanup a mess i didnt make and pick myself up all over again. But i do, every single time. So if you wanna know a little more about me then here it goes: My father left when i was 3 cuz he tried to kid nap me and.., FAILED! he was abusive and a complete ass so good, im glad he's gone. Evry once in a while he comes back around here and tries to take me all over again but lets just say, im like a ninja :) So me and my mom and sister started over and my mom fell in love, had twins and married the man who i now call my father.Pretty cool, huh? So all was well and good until my place burnt down, my dad left, and we were living with my alcholic, pill abusing, psychotic grandma who was also, abusive. But hey, what doesnt kill ya makes you stronger. A few silly boys broke my heart along the way, i found myself living in a make shift tent but now, im doing better. And i love each and everyone of you for caring :) 

Quotes by e24ever

witty: this quote does not exist
me: ... then why can i see it?
me: am i a ninja?
me: am i the chosen one?
me: is this a secret message?
me: am i supposed to decode this?
me: hmm.. "this quote does not exist"...
me: what could that mean?!
friend: ... i can see it too, moron.
hopes and dreams: *fly out the window*

He didnt lie when

he said forever. 

i did. because ive been taught that forever doesnt exist.

Format by Sandrasaurus

& maybe some day we'll be together, forever

...just not today.


And i just broke up with
                  a boy who loved me
                                because im in love with a boy

                                                who i will never have
pretty screwed up, right?


New story idea? need advice.

im thinking about writing a story. heres the description:

it seemed like whenever winter came, everything went wrong. it was like a

change in the weather led to a sudden change of heart. we all changed  

minds, for one reason or another. We always just left. and i never really knew

why. It was one one those things i learned to live with. Like all the things i had

learned to live with out.

I let my mind wander off as my feet led the way. One step after another, i didnt

think, i just went with it. it was like i was dreaming, accept i was fully awake. At

any given time i could change my mind and go back, but i didnt. And maybe i

should have.

That was when it happened. It was my first night in the new town.

Everything was new and fresh. I had a chance to act normal, and maybe make

some friends. But all those chances flew out the window when i found it.

It was a small box, which fit perectly in the palm of my hand. it looked like a

small jewlery box, but i had never seen a jewlery box of that size.  i didnt know

how i knew to come here, or how i found it. But it wasnt very suprising that i did.

i wasnt normal, and i knew that. but i was yet to discover what i was capable of. 

Suddenly i was standing. my feet were moving once again and i just let them

take me. across the feild and through the river, miles and miles away. i must

have walked for hours, but i wasnt tired. it was dark but no one had called for

me. no one really cared.
i knelt down to find a small key along the river bank. of course, it fit in the box. i

was hesitant to open it, but i was curious. i should have remembered that

curiosity killed the cat, for what lay on the bottom of that box would change my

life in ways i never could have imagined. No one could have predicted what my

future held.

so what do you think??? if you like it, i will continue to write.
but i also want your help. i have three possible title ideas.

#1- CHasing Horizons: this symbolizes chasing something that is impossible to

catch, which is what the whole story is about

#2- Nobodies Fault- This one is less symbolic, but more straight forward. A lot of

the plot twists in the story are actually no bodies fault, so it makes sence.

#3- ITS up to you!!! what do you think would be a good story title?? i know this

is hard considering you havnt read the whole story yet but if you have ideas i'd love to hear them. 


See these doubts?

      i holdthem in my heart. they live deep with in my soul. he put them there. long ago. 
and now they live there forvever.                                                .                



   Us girls are kind of like,

those heavy doors in big buildings.
////////  it will take a while to get us to open up.  ////////

( (   you'll have to use a lot of         time       &&energy.    ) )
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but the second you
let go                               &                      give up 

we are back where we started.



He is the best thing,
thats ever been mine.


I don't even know where to start we were pretend fighting and all of a sudden it turned real. She threw the first punch and I couldn't even punch back. I just stood there as she hit me So shocked by what she was doing So shocked by what she was capable of I had had enough. The first punch was for her hitting me The second was for her betraying me The third was for her embarrassing me The forth was for her lies The fifth was for her desguise And then I lost count. before I knew it I was reaching to call 911. But the numbers were fuzzy and I called someone I didn't know. I tried again and the phone died. I couldn't breathe. She was on top of me pushing her weight on as hard as she could. she knew I had asthma but she didn't care. I told her I couldn't breathe and she laughed. I told her I was going to die, so she pressed harder. she told me that she was glad I would final stop breathing. She said she never liked me anyway. shes been crazy for a while now. But I always believed in her. Even when she was locked up in the asylum I still believed in her. even though she told me every day that she hated me I still believed. Because you wanna know who she is? shes my sister. And I loved her. I did. but now I'm sitting here, lucky to be alive. and I hate her. I hate what shes become I hate the fact that she tried to kill me, yet I'm grounded and shes notshe should be locked up. Somewhere where crazy people go. Where they cant hurt people. but no. shes out at a movie or wherever the hell she wants to be. and I'm in my room. ice pack on my head. Bandages on my arms. grounded. The point is... Sometimes the one you would take a bullet for Is the one holding the gun. RIP the sister I used to know. God help the crazy psychotic b I t c h that replaced you.

He's only 15

14 maybe. he was in my math class and thats about all i know. He was always drawing. a fantastic artist he was. music too. i  heard he played a few instruments. and that he played them well. he was funny. sort of a class clown but, the class geek at the same time. I thought he was pretty cool, but not everyone agreed. i guess the didnt accept his differences.

well a few weeks ago, the car flew off the road. his fragile body was thrown around like a rag doll, and he was lucky to survive. fate hit him like a fast car, wrong place, wrong time. its really a shame.

problem now is, he cant remember alot. he doesnt remeber that he was an amazing artist, in fact i dont even think he remembers how to play the instruments he did. and i dont think its fair. i dont think its fair that tradgedies happen to the good guys. and that karma hits those who dont deserve it. why did someone who was abused and home and bullied at school have to forget how amazing they truly are?
if you read this. i appreciate it. im sure terence and his family does too. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Stay Strong Terence