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we're driving cadillacs in our dreams.


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I literally just force myself into the most f/cking awkward situations.

Merry Christmas, guys
You all are beautiful
I hope everything goes as planned
And that your day is as brilliant as you are.
I love you all, okay.
As weird as it seems,
You're all like a family to me.
Probably better than a family, actually.
Thanks for making every day so wonderful
You all really are amazing
Please, stay that way.

facebook : omg so thankful for my family this year merry xmas :)))))

tumblr : happy birthday jesus u was a real nig*a 
Today in gym class we were doing major climbing and halfway up this girl freezes and goes “I CAN’T DO IT I CAN’T DO IT”

so some dude yells “MY AUNT SAID DAT AT HER WEDDIN’ BUT SHE MARRIED DAT FINE-A SS DOCTOR AND NOW SHE RICH AS HELL” the girl did it. truly inspiring.

She wanted something else,
something different,
something more.
Passion and romance perhaps,
or maybe quiet conversations in candle lit rooms,
or perhaps...
something as simple as
not being scared.

- The Notebook

I am a lover without a lover.
I am lovely and lonely
and I belong deeply to myself.
"shhhh," she said. "I'm sleeping."
just like that. from a hundred miles an hour 
to asleep in a nanosecond. 
i wanted so badly to lie down next to her and sleep.
just sleep together,
in the most innocent sense of phrase.
but i lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend
and i was gawky and she was gorgeous and
i was hopelessly boring and she was endlessley 
-john green

Didn't have internet on my phone for the past few hours. I graduated, got married, lost some weight, read 15 books & showered.

i like the internet because eye contact doesn’t exist
Welp, since it seems that everyone else is doing confessions, I might as well give it a go. I'm bored anyways, and need something to do. So, for each favorite I get on this, I'll do a confession.