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Quotes by eMMy2292

im weak its _ true *
x0x If you want to I can s.a.v.e you
I can take you a/w/a/y from here
So lonely i n s i d e, so busy o.u.t there
and all you wanted was somebody who cares..*
If his status ain't hood
I ain't checkin' for him
Betta be s t r e e t if he lookin' at me
I need a x soldier x
That ain't scared to stand up for me
Known to carry big things
If you know what I mean _ *
cant you just go somewhere on vacation?
i could book your flight
and pack your bags
if you want
a one way ticket o u t of my life
watching you fly away
i never liked you . . *

vacation _ simple plan **
I neEd A *sOlDiEr*
--> tAkE a ChAnCe U sTuPiD hOe <--
* WeLL iF u WaNtEd HoNeStY // tHaTs All U hAd To SaY *
u will alwaiiz b mii boo _ *
well if you wanted h o n e s t y
that's all you had to s a y _*_

all credit goes to alyssa d.!!

im me -- emmy2292