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I could vent everything here, what I've been trough, what is to my opinion a lot. But why would I, feelings are universal and thats what I share, feelings. hope you can't relate, because there not that positive. I don't drink or smoke. I don't go out much. I'm a normal girl with a fucked up mind. I go to school, I live my life, I hope to die, but I want to sit out the ride. I want to watch the world, feel, experience love. I'm now in love, and it makes life wroth it, for now. You shouldn't read this, you should be like the rest of the world, go on, don't care. I'm just a person on the street with headphones on walking on my own You wouldn't want to hear her life story. Al tough I've been trough stuff, I never gave up, I almost gave up,a lot, I fucked up my life, but it isn't irreversible. I hope I don't give up to soon. If you read all of this, it means something. So thank you.really, thank you

Quotes by eatmyheart

you know what makes me sad?
  -people eat meat like it's normal, but an animal died for it and 1 pound meat costs us 11 pounds of weat
-in china people who don't pay there taxes sometimes dissapear in large numbers and suddenly there are a lot of organs donated
-Iceland was the first who was in crises and got out of it by punishing the banks instead of the normal people but you never see it in newspapres because we protect our ceo's
-for every kilogram of shrimps, there are 42 kilogram of other sea creatures fished up and trown back dead into the ocean
-politicans can promise what they want without really having to do those things
-lots of "religions" isolate fragile people from their family and friends so they are dependent and pay money
-every three seconds a child in Africa dies because of honger, while we trow away food to keep the prices high
-everybody knows about global warming but most people don't do anything to change it
-avatar costed more than curiosity. pretending to go to another world is worth more money than .. going to another world
and none of this will end because of cristmas...
Make the world stop right here.
Make everything stop and stand still
and never move again.
I want something to kill me now
to kill me slow
to kill me kind
You see a little stranger in your mirror
The girl you never knew is what you fear
and I wonder where therse dreams go 
when the world gets in the way
I was never really ever there at all
Now your world is way too fast
Nothing's real and nothing lasts

Don't judge me by my weaknesses, forget all my mistakes.
I don't want to be remembered as the girl whose smiles are fake.
So don't tell me that you understand, you don't feel my pain.

because you don't know me, and you don't wear my chains.
Don't tell me that I'm beautiful, I don't believe your lies.
I don't want to be remembered as the girl with blue pained eyes.
Ever since November, nothing else has been the same.

you just don't know me, you don't wear my chains.
Don't expect me to get better, because I'm finally giving in.
My arms are already tired, my defense is growing thin.
I don't want to be remembered as the girl who went insane.

I'll just sit here in my darkness, yanking on my chain


You learned me to be happy
like a dog with a bone
it's easy to make me adicted
but I can't do it alone

I don't know if i deserve this
this dream you take me in
I'm to afraid that you'd leave me back on the ground
look at me and say
at least now you know how it feels to be happy