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I could vent everything here, what I've been trough, what is to my opinion a lot. But why would I, feelings are universal and thats what I share, feelings. hope you can't relate, because there not that positive. I don't drink or smoke. I don't go out much. I'm a normal girl with a fucked up mind. I go to school, I live my life, I hope to die, but I want to sit out the ride. I want to watch the world, feel, experience love. I'm now in love, and it makes life wroth it, for now. You shouldn't read this, you should be like the rest of the world, go on, don't care. I'm just a person on the street with headphones on walking on my own You wouldn't want to hear her life story. Al tough I've been trough stuff, I never gave up, I almost gave up,a lot, I fucked up my life, but it isn't irreversible. I hope I don't give up to soon. If you read all of this, it means something. So thank you.really, thank you

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He gives her something no one else can. A reason to live.


Ode au tournesol
Chapeau jaune, vois-tu la beauté du soleil
Qui est tellement loin de toi
Jour en jour tu le regardes avec un brun oeil
Disparaitre derrière l’horizon
Tu laisses baisser la tête
Et tu t’inquiètes

Revient-elle demain, cette sphère d’or
La lumière de ta vie encore
Nuit en nuit tu es si triste dehors
Mais toujours elle est là à l’aurore
Un jour tu ne tournes plus ton cou
Ta vie est passé dans un flou

Donc, ma fleur, c’est nécessaire que tu m’écoutes
Ne gaspille pas ta vie assez courte
Regarder bouche bée
Au quelque chose hors de ta portée 





I'm not strong enough for the both of us
What was I supposed to do?
You know I love you. 


She knows every word to the saddest songs,
and she sings along.


turn on the shower, lock the door
curl up on the tiles and  c r y  once more
breath in the steam, muffle the sounds,
and no one will know that you're breaking down.

Does it depress you to know
just how alone you really are?


 I don't just want your heart.
I    want    your    flesh,
your   skin   and   bones,
your voice, your thoughts,
your  pulse,  and  most  of  all

your fingerprints. everywhere.


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