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im gillian 

pronounced jillian but say whateverrrr(:

i love music !!

witty is my second life and music is my first



no one knows whoooooo(:

so comment follow fave



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Chapter 15
Today was the day of our date, just Trey and I absolutely alone at his house. I know we have been alone before after school, but being at his house is different, its nerve racking. We pulled up to his house, it was 3 stories and a well aged cobblestone cottage home. It was beautiful, each stone had a sleek marble texture to them while the front yard had a semi long drive way and a perfectly green front yard. As we walked into his house I noticed that it had a sweet aroma of incents that resembled roses and the lights were romantically dimmed. In his living room, there was a black 5 piece leather sectional in front of a complete wall system that fits a 52' plasma screen tv. In the back of the room, is a 3 seater bar made of oak and the room was surrounded by lit scented candles. While on the ceiling was a crystal chandelier, that made the room both inviting and classy. I took a seat in the middle of the leather couch, as I waited for Trey to come back with popcorn. He likes normal popcorn while I enjoy caramel so he thoughtfully made sure he got both. He rented the modern pride and prejudice starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen since he knew I loved the book. He sat straight up on the couch, and I was gently leaning on his side, my head on his chest while he wrapped his arms around me. Every now and then he run his fingers through my hair or I would feel him kiss me softly on head when he heard me whimper during the emotional scenes. It felt right being with Trey, he was passionate and romantic not to mention ridicously attractive. I knew that he deserved more than sharing me with two other guys, so I have do break it off with one of them either Justin or Greg. But I felt like I needed them in my life just as much as I needed Trey. Greg was right this situation is going to end up bad, someone is going to get hurt. And it just might be all of us...But as I looked up at Trey I realized how well we went together I knew it would be unfair for him to only have part of me. So tomorrow is going to be a day of heart break. After, I left Trey house I decided to take a walk around town. As, I did I watched the crisp leaves twirl to the ground evaporating into the foilage below. The cold hair made my nose and the tips of my ears tingle. I walked about half a mile to the local 7/11, I noticed a familiar car in the parking lot and increased my walk to a sprint. When I got in there I noticed him immediately, it was akward seeing him outside of school but still thrilling in a way his back was to me. He was wearing raggedy jeans speckled by paint, and wearing a masculinent leather jacket that made him look even more enticing. I slowly, crept behind him tip toeing quietly certain not to make a sound. Once I stood behind him, I shoved my hands under his jacket and worked them to the front of his body there my fingers crawled up his hard chest, while my chest was pressed against his back.He quickly turned around, and his eyes looked horrified to see me as they flickered cautiously side to side, which was not the reaction I was expecting. So I flashed him a cheerful smile to relax him, but that seemed to make him even more uneasy. Next, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the store to his car. He quickly started the engine and began driving without saying a word.


the hardest thing is getting over someone you never dated

         i always hear the term...
       don't mess with a girls face
                but yet everyday
                                                they cover it in make up and botox.. 

can the lonely take the place of you..?

i always feel invisible to you..

Who do you think you are?
A super es tee ay are?

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                 MY LIFE IS OVER.

Expectations vs reality
Christmas Day
expectation-  spending time with family   reality-  theyre on facebook


It's the second best thing you can do with your lips.

The 1st is DUCK FACE :)