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About this girl y
heyyy my name is emily and I'm 15.
I blow out the candles on
June 3rd!
my friends are amazing! just ask them, they'll tell you ;)

I live to dance! it's literally my life!
NOTHING compares to the feeling of being on stage
music is always there for me, no matter what...
my idols are taylor swift and justin bieber
i luv them sooo much it's hard to explain!
i love giving advice, so leave a comment any time witty girls!

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nothing hurts more than seeing the one you love,
love someone else

Nothing Safe is Worth the Drive...
 I know it's a horrible way to think, but i don't know why people say it's so easy to tell your crush you like them... they say, "who cares if they don't like you back?" but we like that person so naturually we would want them to like us, too... It's just the way human nature is, if you have feelings for someone 99.9% we want them to have the same feelings for us
RIP Grandpa...
You were the srongest man I'd ever met I love you and I'll miss you like crazy.
We lost you but heaven gained an angel...
Nothing Makes Sense Until You
Hear It In the Words of a Song...
It seems like everything is falling apart,

and I'm losing hold of what was once my heart.

My entire world is crashing down,

but my lips will never make a sound.

I'll never speak of my despair,

because my sadness is too raw and bare.

You'll never hear what I'm worried about,

my mouth is shut without a doubt,

but I'll still be in pain, you see

the feelings are still inside of me.

My heart is sinking back down to the start,

because everything is

f a l l i n g    a p a r t...


Guy: you're pretty and I like you
Me: this is a sick joke...
Guy: I'm serious...
Me: no you're not! what do you think I am, stupid?? Who put you up to this..??
Guy: listen, I know you're not used to guys liking you, but that's only because they are afraid. Afraid to love someone like you; a smart, funny, caring, loving and all-around amazing girl like YOU! So stop being so hard on yourself and let someone in for once. It might surprise you how happy you'll be...
The Pope:
Guy: Well.....
Me: You, my friend, are the second coming of Jesus and should not be wasting your time on me *walks away*
Guy: o.0 what the...

Mine, this didn't actually happen but i thought it was funny(:

Dear John,
This has been The Best Day and I was Enchanted to meet someone like you. You have A Perfectly Good Heart and you know there is A Place In This World for us. I never want to go Back To December when I said Hey Stephen and The Story Of Us almost ended. Then I felt Invisible and I thought we had our Last Kiss. So Tell Me Why he was so Mean and how I thought he would be Mine. I know I Should’ve Said No, but at the time I was starting to forget The Way I Loved You. We got into a huge fight and I told him We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. He always apologized but I told him, You’re Not Sorry. Now I’m convinced he is a Picture To Burn and he wasn’t worth the Teardrops On My Guitar. You are Better Than Revenge so you left him alone, but you kept me Untouchable. He fought back and told me to Stay Beautiful. I told him, I will never be as Cold As You. He tried to Come In With The Rain, but I kept him on The Other Side Of The Door. I feel Haunted by him, but I try to stay Tied Together With a Smile. You convinced me I was Innocent and that he would Never Grow Up. Now I feel like I can Breathe and I’m so Fearless that I hope to make a Change between us. I know we are only Fifteen, but please Speak Now if you want me to be yours Forever & Always. I never want to be on The Outside of you again. I have listened to Tim McGraw and Mary¬ís Song, but now I know there is nothing better than Our Song. You are my Superstar and I’m your princess. You rode into my life on your White Horse and showed me that Today Was A Fairytale. So Long Live you and me because I know that I’m Only Me When I’m With You and I hope you never forget that. In our Love Story, Sparks Fly all the time and I know for sure You Belong With Me.  So Jump Then Fall , I’ll always be there to catch you…
Love, Taylor Swift

i've got high heel stilettos and
I'm kicking in doors
and kissing your a.s.s ain't
what my lipstick's  for
I'm gonna run this town, run this town
I'm gonna run this town
t o n i g h t
~Lucy Hale

There is a difference between loving someone, and being in love with someone.
Learn it.