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HELLO yeah hi vas happenin here are somethings i love c: one direction, the beach, tutus, llamas, my cats and dog, my friends, soccer, music, princess, all disney movies, bows, fruit, turtles, cotton candy, swimming, owls, cupcakes, all chubby animals, and some other stuff :)LOVE YOU



Quotes by edenpayne

That moment when
You don't have a quote but you really want to use a format

Format by Sandrasaurus

Was it just me?
or did everyone yell "to infinity and beyond!"
at jets in the sky when you were little because you
honestly believed that it was buzz lightyear.



I'd rather be anything but ordinary.



The Mad Hatter:Am I mad?

Alice:Yes, I'm afraid so.
You're entirely
bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret...
All the best people are



Mustache Cash stash

stepping on a leaf
and thinking
dear god, 
please don't let that be a snail. 

ugh i hate this comercial . . . .
*sees remote all the away across the room*
nevermind, this comercial is

Format by Sandrasaurus

I'm captivated by you baby like a
firework show


your hands are tough
but they're where
mine belong in