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Quotes by eftihia95

I love him<3
but I'm afraid
of not being loved
back </3

They might sahi, anI might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say, cause they got
nothing on you baby
I Know How The World Ends In 2012....
Justin Bieber takes over the world
Why do you think he named his albums
My World
My World 2.0
Bieber Fever is taking over the planet.

"Remember this is Bieber's world, and you're just living in it...
Bieber or Die!"
-justin bieber on Funny or Die when he took over on April Fools Day.
So I was thinking just now...
about hate and stuff like that
and how sometimes we hate people without even knowing them,
just to hate, and not for any real reason

so to answer my questions,
i was wondering if you guys could comment, and tell me:

why do we hate people like
Miley Cyrus

for being an average teenage girl
who is someone who persued her dreams
and worked hard for everything she has
and made the mistake of taking revealing pictures of herself

and then, why do we love people like
Channing Tatum?
who used to be a stripper.
he also persued his dreams
and worked hard for everything he has
but he too did something reckless in his past
just like Miley

i just dont get it. please help :)
The most beautiful things in life are usually the least beautiful ones in the beginning, but in the end they will amaze you, and make you wish that at first you took a double take.
"I think it's only the beginning,
this is chapter one"
-8 time olympic medal winning, short
track speed skating champion, most decorated
U.S. winter olympian:
-it takes a lot to be a champion-
"And I'm like,
 this is wonderful. I'm at the Olympic Games and
we've got freakin' ghosts walking around!"

-Apolo Anton Ohno
On a encounter with a "ghost" during the 2006 Torino Games, The Tonight Show
I'm not a clotheshorse...
but i do like to look good ;)
-Apolo Anton Ohno
[it's only the beginning,]
this is chapter one
-Apolo Anton Ohno

no one would have cared...
if Miley was interupted by Kanye...
but lets be <honest>,

"now ima let u finish in a minute...but no one wants to here u talk anyway so why don't  you just go sit down anyway miss cyrus."