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about me...

i love my friends to death!!
i do not know what i would do without them!!

Gabby is ah-maz-za-zingg!! :p
my favorite color is green!!
i lovee sports..but im not a tomboy at all!!
people i dont talk to say im quiet but my friends cant get me to SHUTUP! :]
ci love to laugh.
im addicted to texting!!
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Quotes by eixel3

[[love]] me or [[hate]] me
i promise
it wont make or break me
&+ they were walking
through the park
hand in hand arguing over
&+ i've finally realized that..
hes never going to be anything more than a friend
and hes never going to care about me the way i care about him
&+ i ask myself
if ill ever be able to get over him
and if ill ever be able to give my love to somebody else

yea..that boy.
the one that is the player. the one that can't be single for more than one day.
the one that will ask out any girl as a dare..and not care when her heart gets smashed to the ground.
the one that is so nice when you are texting or IMing, but treats you like dirt at school..
the one that you think how can his life be so perfect without me in it...
the one that you just can't help but love.
yea..that boy.

all mine..
so theres this boy...and i think..no i know i love him..

he is so confusing....
the things he says to make me think he
really does like me..&& then some other things
that make me think im the
girl that never crosses his mind
i come with my own backround music.....its not my fault you cant hear it :P
your a great friend but if zombies chase us......im tripping you... :p
were young.
we dont' need a boy to love, hold, and kiss.
we won't always be able to relax and be young.
but we'll always be able to love so i'm gunna get out there
and liven up this world, make my mark, make a difference.
because in five years we'll want to rewind, but we cant.
so stop worrying about that boy. now is the time to live our lives.
lets make mistakes and not care. and make memories that will never fade.
live it up and live it crazy. we are only young once so lets screw this up the right way.
drop the drama, and never question your actions.
See Ya Later Boy, I Have History To Make
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