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Quotes by elisaaaa_dee_x3

im sorry if you miss me
im sorry i dont care
i was just a cruth for your loneliness
your heart was never really there
          im an easy girl to love,
           but the hardest girl to

  keep on loving.
I'm that girl your EX will hate,
your parents will LOVE and ;;
the girl you will NEVER forget♥

walking away was to see if you would chase after me.
when you didnt chase me i knew you didnt care
when i realized you didnt care, i walked right out of your life,
when i walked outta your life, i moved on.
when i moved on, you actually started caring.
            i think its funny that people start caring
when you finally stop.
                                             if im in no pain,
                                          you have no gain,
                                   looks like you lost this game.

                                                       i dont wanna be without you babe,
                                             i dont want a broken heart,
                                    i dont wanna breathe without you babe,
                                           i dont want to play that part

                              &+ all this comes down to is
      do we try to make the best of the situation or do we just give up.
       just try to underestimate me.
& i promise ill prove you wrong.

                                           i wont trade any of my tomorrows
                                                             for a single  yesterday