Status: if you wanna be a player, than lets play the game; I'll be the coach.
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16 years, with the world infront of my feet.
socailly awkward and weird but thats why you love me
lesbian ,
inspiration; BOB MARLEY <3
hero; Uncle Curtis , R.I.P. I Love You,
passion;  Singing,
It frees my soul.
"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet."
-Bob Marley

Love yourself, & Be true to yourself .
We make ourselves our worst critic,
Really we could be our own bestfriend.

Quotes by eliseledoux81xo

"I am a ninja."
"No, your not"
"Yes, I am did you see me do that?"
"Do What?"
(k) when I say I wont tell anybody, my bestfriend doesn't count .
You and I are sisters, remember that, You fall I will pick you up.
As soon as I finish   laughing :)
Im not lazy Im just on my energy saving mode
The human brain is AMAZING it works 24 hours a day and only stops working when we take an exam.

7 quotes of mine in the top quotes in one day !!!
fuckyeaaaaah :)
imma legend.
I didnt fall,
I attacked the floor.
Scientists have done research on why female spiders eat their mates, According to data analasys it turns out the male spiders deserve it.
I never get jelous when I see my ex's with someone else , I was always taught as a child to give my used toys to the less fortunate
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