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You ever have that stomach aching before seeing someone ? not in the bad kind of way , but the good way, meaning you get tongue -tied and all and you just cant say anything no matter how much you try. it hurts me a lot knowing shes got your attention. Shes perfect and you always wonder why I never talk to you . I dont have the courage to talk to you because i know im probably going to seem strange. You probably wonder what i like about you but its your flaws.. I like your humor , your weird laugh , the way you always make these funny noises , and I especially love your crooked smile and hazel-green eyes. I love the fact that your taller then me , it just adorable . But to bad I dont have the guts to keep talking to you . Its really hard to when everything about you is amazing . I get really jelous when girls always flirt with you . You may not see it , but it kills me . My feelings for you have been going on for a long time . I cant stand it anymore . I like you a lot , but I want to get over you at the same time because I'm tired of having my heart broken from all the girls trying win you . Its breaking me apart , but then again, my feelings will probably never go away. I'm still into you Guillherme

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