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      hey there beautiful :)



elleeen eyaa. sappeninnn? <3

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Singing  "you  raise  me  up"

whilst riding the esculator


I wish Icould see
from a
boy's perspective to see what they want me to be like

 They've Finally made
a bald barbie for little girls with cancer


Liam tweets fans,
Niall tweets his friends,

Zayn tweets quotes,
Louis tweets about his day,

Harry tweets stuff nobody understands.

- OneDirection ♥


So I was trying on my prom dress,
& my
11 year old brother walked into my room.
I turned and asked him for his
opinion of it & he said:

"I would say you look like a
disney princess....but....
you look way prettier then all of them right now"


mom: you're beautiful
grandma: you have grown into such a beautiful young lady!

mom's friend: wow, she's flawless!
friends:  you're so pretty!

boys: call animal patrol I think we just discovered a rare breed of dog

^this made me laugh so much

If you can make a letter out of this:

I   I   I

I   I   I

I   I   I

You are a 90's kid

format by jimmy365


guy tip:  
              if you         take her to go see the vow
she will love you forever.

and you'll probably get laid lolololol




Will You Be My Valentine?