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hey i just finished Love Is A Stranger To Me
for the first 5 parts, i forgot to write part 1, part 2, part 3, etc
just letting you know :)
it STARTS OFF AS: kat introducing herself
here is the link where the story STARTS

status: just added part 1 to my new story


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Part 3

And I shall continue. :) When Kat's mom told Eric to go out with Kat and kiss her, he almost ruined it by kissing her way too many times. I slapped him later on for it. He did the crash pretty good though. He was wearing special clothes with pads all around so he wouldn't be hurt that much. Kat also told me that she's been crushing on Eric since 4th grade. That's when Eric moved here. He went to a stunt school before that, I think. I don't know, I didn't really pay attention. And when Kat was knocked out from the crash, my cousin (who is a make up artist) added some fake scars, cuts, and bruises to Eric's body. I helped put on the casts. :) I just feel bad that I didn't tell Kat that she was gonna die that night... When Kat's mom came in through the window, and Kat was screaming, I pretended not to hear her. When she lived with us, I was ready to pack up and move. Well, I guess that was our whole plan...

Part 2

Want to know the story how me and Eric got together? It started about 2 months before Kat died ...
We were absolutely in love! But no one knew. We had a bunch of things in common, but one really stood out. We both hated Kat. We were about to tell her off the next day, but her mom stopped us. She told us what she had been plotting, the entire scheme. We decided to go along with it. Eric had a big part in it. Me, knowing Kat liked Eric, told Kat's mom and she said for Eric to go out with her daughter, get in a "crash", tell her he loves her, and keep leading her on. She told me to  'cover up' me and Eric's relationship by going out with a kid named Connor. If I do say so myself, I did a petty good job.

sorry i'll finish it later o.O

Love Is A Stranger To Me
Part 32

"For what?" I looked at the ceiling, then at the floor, and at the door. "You'll see." My mother said flatly. She pulled out a hand gun from her tight, black pants. "No, no, no, nonononono! You -- you can't! People love ... me!" I screamed. "Yeah, newsflash honey. No one loves you." I looked around. I tried to move my hands and legs, but they wouldn't budge. "Love is a stranger to you, if you ask me." She whispered.


The End.

Love Is A Stranger To Me
Part 31

"Yes, you are." I said with anger. "They love me." "Mhm, you keep telling yourself that and tell me how it works out." Okay, now I really wanted to punch this woman in the face. "Wait... why did you email me AV, Alyssa Vaculen?" I asked suspiciously. I looked down at my legs. They were very pale. They were losing blood from my legs being tied. My feet were losing feeling. "Oh. Because. I got married." She picked up her left hand and flashed a 24 karat diamond ring. "You're kidding." I said. "No, I'm not. He owns a gun shop. I bought a gun myself."

Love Is A Stranger To Me
Part 29

I could barely breathe inside the sack. It felt like she was walking forever before she threw me in somewhere. I guessed it was the back of a car or a car trunk. I felt sick. But the smell seemed familiar... And those initials seemed familiar too. But I left it at that and thought of nothing else, because when she threw me, I bumped my head and passed out. When I awoke, I was in a dark room. With my mom standing in front of me. "Hello, Kathryn." She said with a grin.

Love Is A Stranger To Me
Part 27?

I went to bed nervous. I kept staring at the window. Lori told me to not worry. After she was asleep, my phone buzzed. I looked at it.
You're dead. No one loves you. I warned you. -AV
I began getting scared. I looked outside the window. My phone buzzed again.
I'm watching you right now. You're watching Wheel Of Fortune and looking at my message and you're scared. Well you should be. No one loves you. - AV