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fuck life.

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hey(: i'm elleaa,. this is dark colours, i hate bright stuff, yeaah.. So, um, I cba. So, see yu.

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Hello :3 I'm Elleaa. I reaaaaally want some cool girl/guy friends which aren't fake and have a big personality. Fave and comment if your intrested x

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The Blood falls from my wrist,
As so does a tear from my eye.
The flannel soaked in blood,
My heart soaked in pain.
I hear a sudden noise,
And put the knife down.
They've gone,
Whilst I go slowly.
I was the knife off,
Watery blood in the sink.
I reach for the cupboard,
My wrist aching.
I bring out a bandage,
And wrap it round my limp wrist.
I take off my makeup,
And fall to the floor.
The door is locked,
I'm in peace now.
No-one can hurt me now,
Now I'm passed.



In the bathroom.
I put it to my

And put it back down.
There's not another chance.
I put it to my wrist again.
The blood from my wrist drips.
Drips onto my

Deep Red.
And constantly flowing.
I fall to the floor.

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