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Quotes by elmolovesyouu3

Everyone's waiting for you to break down.



lives, speaks, listens, is always there, knows how I feel and describes my life.



Stop Acting
like you know my pain and what I've been through because
you don't. you  never  have  and  you  never  will because  



I don't even know who I am anymore.

Sad Story.
a girlfriend gave a challenge to her boyfriend to live a day without her- no communication 
at alll... she said if he accomplished it she would  love  him  forever  - the boyfriend agreed.
he didn't text her or call her for the entire day without knowing that his girlfriend only had 24
hours left because she was dying of cancer. after the day, he excitedly went to his girlfriend &
said "I did it baby." but tears fell as he saw his girlfriend  l y i n g   i n   a   c o f f i n  with a note:
"y o u   d i d   i  t   b a b y .  n o w   p l e a s e   d o   i t   e v e r y d a y .   
I  e  " 


Don't say sorry if you don't mean it.

Nobody cares unless you're pretty or dying. .

IMissing You
                                         was a crime, I'd have the death        penalty


Is it okay to not be okay?

                         to never lie to a girl because she will always find out the truth  nmattewhat it takes her