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Remember when nothing ever had a "double meaning." Kissing was nasty && boys had cooties. You were popular if you had a new toy, not if you were a jerk. People liked you if you were nice, not "cool." Wearing a skirt didn't make you a slut. There was no such thing as "gay." Your friends would always be on your side and nothing would get between you. If you were friends with a boy, it didn't mean you liked him. The only thing you drank was grape juice. Smoking was nasty. The only thing that could get broken were toys and bones. Mommy was your hero && goodbye meant only until tomorrow. Now look at your life;It's the total opposite of this. Now here's the funny part;The only thing I remember was wanting to grow up..

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Never let the truth get away from a good story...<3___....<3<3<3<3<3:]
okay so everyone has that one younge love I have that one young love has anyone ever married there younge love other than love movies, storys, music? well it happend to me... it is called a dream an dthat dream helped relize that hes the one that one true love and that one dream is going to come true and ull see that he loves me_:::<3<3<3
i saw you starring at me looking like you like what you see, glancisg at me made me confadent so i walked over to you and said "is that me our looking at?" no he said i was looking at your friend.
a promise is a promise never to break a heart to love is just another one to break. sometimes love is just another mistake, great wall of china longer than life, live life good and never break a promise. breaking a promise is heart to break breaking a heart is another mistake. breaking a promise is somthing to ever do breaking a promise will lead me to you the heart taker heart breaker promise maker promise BREAKER
we play in the sand on summer days, and drove in the convertibel with our hands up the whole way, a bubble bath with our swimsuits and gobstobers were our favorite, and when guys came around we were singing toegther, when you came back from vacation you invited me to come hang out with you and go slending even tho someone else was there, you sent me that stuffed cat when you were gone for 3 months and just gave every one else a letter, we took pictures on the playground, and even tho you have to leave us this year we will never be too far away to send and IM
rember alaways have faith in people but most of all alaways have faith in yourself<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
your my best friend and you are mine, my only friend we went through ever thing together experensed everything TOGETHER never apart we were toghether tho playing with our first dolls to have our first boyfriends and now we sit he toghther in our wheelchairs with our grandchildren on our laps and our children of our own with husbands of there own a happily ever after story, OUR happily ever story we knew it would happen
we walked on the beach hand in hand young love is the best when the love is so strong well never let go, together forever that is our plan but later in life we let go of hands said our goodbyes and walked that beach alone... later in life we meet agin... in love agin hands are holding, and were walking down that beach with our children hand n hand together forever love till the end a happy family our love is stronge
4 letters, 1 word, 1 meaning
The meaning is a promise i make to you, your my one and only love you help me live life and breath the air that keeps me and the world alive.
All i see is people finding there happily ever after... But weres mine???<3<3~***