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Quotes by emerielynn

You are not ignoring anyone

When you ignore someone, their quotes won't show up in the lists of quotes. So if there is someone whose quotes you really don't feel like seeing all the time *cough*1D*cough*, you can ignore them.

I'm So Scared to getting Peer Preasured into doing something at Homecoming... Someone Help Me?!
xxx - thanks.
I Liked

Austin Mahone
One Direction,
Justin Bieber

Before They Were "Famous".

Boy I'm In Love

With the Thought Of You ♥


You're not alone, Together we stand.

I'll be by your side , You know i'll take your hand.
When it gets cold and it feels like the end,
I won't give in, no i won't give in.
Keep holding On,
Theres nothing you can say , theres nothing you can do,
Theres no other way when it comes to the truth.

Confession #1

I Don't wear makeup.


I've been on Witty For 1 year exactly.
The thing is,
It's changed.
I used to never see repeating quotes,
The famous people Wernt Just Boys.
I remeber FramingMatthew I remeber No One Direction,
Every quote had a story behind it,
Popularity Wasnt just 3 people
Girls Didnt Pretend to Be guys To get Popular,

But, I'm Only Breathing because of Witty. ♥
So thank You Steve, For saving many people's lives even if you hadnt Mean't Too.
Thank You Witty Sister's For being there for me, and everyone else.
Thank You Witty Brothers, For Being Reall.
& Thank You Witty.♥


He Finally Likes Me ♥

I Hid.
I Hid The Fact that i was Madly in Love with my bestfriend. He was the most caring boy, and i was afraid if i told anyone they'd judge me. We talked almost everyday, I Didnt think i would ever like him because we were so close. He means alot to me. He's really funny, and i wish he only knew how much he meant to me, He's Not the hottest boy, but for once i didnt care about his looks, I cared about his,