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Better late than never , but never late is better .





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My tweets have been on point tonight. Witty-type tweets.


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I use it more than witty



*Thi i Lesson  i Life.*
A wise man sat in an audience. He cracked a joke & people started to laugh like crazy. After a moment, he repeated the same joke. This time, less people laughed. He said the same joke over and over again, and when there was no laughter in the crowd, he smiled & said this; "If you don't laugh at the same joke again and again, why do you keep crying over the same thing over and over again?"

-Saw on Tumblr

You think you want to
die, but in reality

you just want to be


I think everyone will remember where
they were when it was

announced that Osama Bin Laden
is dead.

Silence is a girl's loudest cry.



starts ignoring you.

3 Simple Rules;

1. If you don't go after what you want, you'll never get it.

2. If you don't ask, the answer will always be "no".

3. If you don't move forward from your problems and mistakes,
you'll always be in the same spot.

They seem so obvious, but so many people forget.



Natalie McDonald, who appears on page 159 of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, was a real person. She was a nine year old girl from Toronto, Canada,who was dying of leukemia. She wrote to J.K
Rowling asking  what  would happen in the next Harry Potter book, as she wouldn't live long enough to get to read it. The author wrote back, but Natalie had already died a day earlier. In tribute, she became a 1st year  student  at Hogwarts, named by the Sorting Hat to Gryffindor- which is the house for the  brave . ♥

She said she wanted to get high, so he took her to the tallest hill in town. She said she wanted to stay up all night & drink, so he gave her a 12 pack of caffeinated soda and said "Drink Up." She said she wanted to shoot herself in the face, so he gave her a water gun and let her pull the trigger. She said she wanted to cut herself, so he took a Polaroid picture of her face and let her cut it up. She said she wanted to cry herself to sleep, so he had her watch a sad and romantic movie before bed. She said that she wanted to be alone, so he gave her a name tag that said "Hello,my name is Alone." She said that she wanted someone to be there to take care of her, so he asked when he wasn't.

The 'best' kind of sad is that
hopeful sad.
The kind that
takes time to heal.