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Quotes by emilyandthatsall

I hope you know
I still remember what you did
to ruin a great friendship


You were the mistake
I dont regret

If  you're a dramatic person,and
wonder why people dont like you
And take offense to everything..

Well, you're screwed.



"You've changed.."

No, I just stopped pleasing you.


I remember..
I remember a time when I was your everything
I was your smile
I was your happiness
I was your pride
I was your joy
I was your friend
..best friend
When we didnt care about everyone else
when it was just us

But, I guess remembering..
..remembering is just a memory.


I cant believe
its been like a year and a half
with this
I call my best/boyfriend
I dont get why girls are in NEED of a romantic guy...
Like, sure, some guys are can be really romantic and all, but thats not all a relationship needs to be. Its gotta like, be more than just constant compliments or it gets boring because it
loses its meaning...

I (dont know if anyone else is like this, prolly not cause im weird) hate really romantic guys. I dont know why,
i guess its because I would be speechless after they said something sweet. A simple "Youre beautiful" makes me uber happy. x3

But I prefer being an idiot most of the time with my boyfriend.
Way moar fun. c: