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Quotes by emilyannelovesyou

you want to know what really sucks...
your best friends change. its like, at first you were so close, then boom, you drift apart. its like, you would talk to eachother everyday, about the most silliest things and didn't care, but now its like awkward. its like, how you would talk for hours without stopping, now its like, your best friend can't even keep a conversation going anymore or even ignores you, you know their there, but they don' twant to talk to you, because obviously they have forgotten about you. they don't bother replying to your texts or facebook wall posts, because they have changed. they forgot the good times we used to have with eachother as friends. its like, you care about them somuch and give them the best advice, but they don't give ash*t about you. they say "best friends forever, i promise!" but in my opinion, those are lies. i realize now,people change. i miss my old best friends, especially my witty ones. 

credit to Too_Much_Love.
this is totally how i feel.... :|

theres no point in trying anymore...

sometimes faking a smile is the easiest thing to do.

This girl has seen a lot of pain;
but shes gonna smile again.
She knows a flower grows
each time it rains;
& she has a lot of little dreams.

She knows tomorrow
won't be what it seems,

& she might not solve
a mystery tonight,

but she knows shes gonna be alright,

*not my quote..*


I loved you yesterday. 
I  l o v e   y o u  still. 
I always have...

& I always will.


no matter

how hard I try , I can't make a quote that fully discribe him.






honestly, at this point, i don't even
care who you are. i just want a







well i dont even know anymore.

this whole faking smiles thing is

getting harder and harder.....