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I dream of traveling the world one day. 

We are all star dust. One day we will return home again.

This is my little place to post all of my favorite quotes.

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Quotes by emilyxxox*

"People are lonely

because they build walls

instead of bridges."



Not everyone who is single is lonely;

not everyone who is
taken is in love.



You're going to discover that conversations
are best at four a.m.

 The heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words.




Format by Shauna1612

Girl, I love you.
You're the one.

Looks a lot like a re-run.


I just can't wait until the day I hear a happy love song on the radio and don't wanna smash the damn thing.




True love isn't Romeo and Juliet
who died

it's grandma and grandpa
who grew old together.


If a girl has a wall up,

it's because it was built
brick after brick;
lie after lie;
heartbreak after heartbreak.


Knives can miss their target,

but words always hit your heart.


I asked an old man,

"Which is more important?

To love or to be loved?

The old man replied,

"Which is more important to a bird?

The left wing or the right wing?"


Format by Shauna1612

It doesn't matter who dumped who or why.

Whenever we see our ex with another girl,  it always bothers us. Not because we're not over you, but because we used to be that girl.