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Hello, People of the World! ;) My full name is Emily Grace Shea and I was born on December 25th, 1997. Yes, I am a Christmas Baby. I play the piano, write constantly, and feel that music is a language. I am very expressive about my emotions and I have a hard time hiding them. You can definitely say I'm a dreamer! I also don't know where I'd be without all my friends!♥(:

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I love you so much and I hope you truly know that. I think about you every single day. Just meeting you has made my life a million times better, especially recently.
Haven't felt this happy in a long time :) Finally feel like my life is coming back together
I just wish we could talk every day like we used to
When you're own friends point out the things you're insecure about...
My sister has more homework in middle school than I do in high school
Just because went out once doesn't mean you get to decide who I can and cannot like
my younger sister is
Why do you keep putting it off?! God, you're so f***ing annoying!
I wish you would tell me if you really love me or not. I'm dying to know how you truly feel about me. Just tell me how you honestly feel. Please. I'm so tired of mixed signals.
Day 1- 15 facts about you
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DAY 13
Books have come close, but I don't think any book could ever beat the Harry Potter Series!