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helllo, I'm emily, who are you?(: hahah about myself, I'm no stereotype, don't judge (: music & sports are my life. proud to be a cheerleader while rockin' those soccer skilllls. without music, I'd be pretty miserable. I don't trust people, I've learned a really hard way that I can't. there's only one person I trust, and I'd be nowhere without him. I love my bestfriend. he's helped me through all of my problems, and I can't thank him enough, because I know there was alot. I've faced some ugly battles, and been through alot more than I'd ever imagine I would have had too. I've learned everything I know from experience, and it has taught me alot. the biggest thing I've learned is to never take anything for granted. nothing in your life is guarenteed. I wish I could have learned that an easier way, R.I.P. Crytal, I really miss you. you've taught everyone so much, but we want you back more than anything. pain is something I am way too good at dealing with and hiding. unless I tell you, you will NEVER know if I'm truly in pain. I'm a pretty secretive person, only one person knows everything about me. my past, and what I want for my future. I have ALWAYYYS wanted a dog. but I've never had one. I kind of hate high school. I'm still waiting for it to get better. the only regret I have in my life is cutting 8 inches of my hair off. everything happens for a reason, I try to live with no regrets, and so far that's going well. basically, I will do anything for someone that I love. & that's the life I live, I honestly don't care what you think of me. it won't make or break me. :)

Quotes by emilyy7


i don't understand;
you promised me you'd never do this to me.

i don't think that i  
was ever trying to kill myself, but I knew that
 if I'd ever gone too far, I wouldn't

♥;-Demi Lovato
not my format

it's hard to say goodbye
when you know that it's over...




        i tell everyone ;

                               that we are through, because I'm so much better without you.
                               but its just another pretty lie because I break down, everytime
                                                                                            you come around. ♥

i don't even care anymore that 
love you.             
if you don't love me too; please.
just let me go. i want                    
                       to be happy again.

i  hate you. 
 i hate her    

we said we'd love each other

forever. but baby forever ended a long time ago.


                                     everyone knows that your an
                         →  A S
 S OL 

for everything that you ever did to me.                                   


i thought you broke me;   
but baby i'm stronger than ever.