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Well I'm Ali, Ash, Ashley or Harley Quinn or Harley Shadows.c:
I am in a very committed relationship, Though we've only been together for a few months we have known each other all our lives, and have always had strong feelings for the other. We lost contact for many years but through that we still somehow managed to be best friends and eventually we both stopped putting ourselves through relationships and I finally said i'd go out with him. Best decision I have ever made. I love you Dominic! My Joker.c:
Music is My Passion. I'm hoping to be able to purse a career in the Music industry, as does my boyfriend, who is a singer/screamer like myself. I also play a number of instruments. I also am in love with the idea of Photography. Being able to capture emotion in a still moment just as you would a powerful writing I think is captivating.
I also very much enjoy reading. and write and draw.
In the future, once I graduate high school I hope to go to Eastern Michigan University because of the clinical behavioral Psychology Program. 
I would love to Major in Psych and Minor in English.
One this last note: there are alot of things, rumors and lies always being spread about me. bad enough to the point I cant even correct people because there is no point. So i would just like to say to anyone who is being bullied. Please, stay strong and know that someone is there for you. someone will stand with you. you can make it through this.
I believe in you!


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I wanted you to feel exactly how I felt.
Im not Strong enough to Stay Away...
Hey, you're talking loco...i like that.
My bestfriend called me a 

I am Beautiful with you, even in the darkest part of me.

Just getting back from a Shinedown

concert with In this moment and    

Papa roach...the BEST "2:30" feeling.

&& with every moment you are away i feel more empty inside.