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hey, i'm samantha.
i live to love and love to live.
13 years young.
music completes everything.  ♥
i absolutely love eminem, wiz khalifa, drake, and mac miller ♥
i love meeting new people, so be one of them.
comment my profile, and fave my quotes.
get to know me, i think you'll like me!


Quotes by eminemswifeyy

baby , im the best so you can'ttt ddoo betterr<3
fave for 
how old you look
future husbands name
do i like your profile pic
if your pretty,ok,or absolute gorgeous
(cause noone's ugly)
that awkward moment when you see a relative you havent seen in a long time and they always say
" wow look how much you've grown"
and all you do is laugh and say haha ya♥ lmfao..
bahah honey , nationwide aint even on your side♥
saying the entire alphabet, because you dont know what letter comes next♥
My name Jaime heraasim 14 yeas old. im a murderer. i have no face. when you look atmeyou'lldiemmedialty. you have 900 seconds to repost this or i will vist you tonight

ohh... ? 
i cant wait for season 4 of jersey shore with 
nicole "snookipolizzi
jenni farley
pauly delvecchio
vinny guadagnino
ronnie margo
deena cortese
sami giancola
mike sorrentinno
favve iiif yooou agrrreee♥
comment if you dont like jersey shore