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Quotes by emmbabii

if ^t e a r s^ could make you *.*pretty*.*
i'd be fuckan *^>|| B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l ||<^*

<33 emm .. true, isnt it?
you build me up only to bring me d.o.w.n HARD

you hold my hopes high...only to &*(destroy&*( them...

you say you LoVe M.E and you say you LoVe H.E.R

i see you with her...it truly kills me inside

the things we had could have been >>more<< than fooling around

now you say it too late...

because. . .**nothing can S.A.V.E** me now....

im broken.. >>shattered<< by your lies and false hopes

so here i go . . . catch me if you can. . . im *faling*

i wont walk out untill you know. ..

i will always ><LOVE>< you

so do with it what you will....

theres no one like you. . . my true only one. . .<33

i cant take him anymore. . .can anybody else?

<33 emm :( ALL MINE
><. . .IzZy. . .><

my baby
my everything
my bff
my s4l
my antidrug
my izzy

eat your salad no dessert get that man you deserve.. yesh ! we love it

<33 emm ALL MINE
i cant stop picturing you with her
i cant stop picturing you with me
i cant stop hurting beacuse of you
i cant stop crying when i think of you
i cant stop trying to win you over
i cant stop dreaming of you
i cant stop remebering our greatest times
i cant stop thinking of what we had
i cant stop you from throwing it all away for HER
i cant stop <3loving<3 you and thats the way its gonna be
i cant stop

<33 emm ALL MINE

why do you do this
my heart is brused. </3
i cant take it any more
you .f.l.i.r.t. with me when shes gone
im |i|n|v|i|s|i|b|l|e| when shes near
make up your mind.. please
i cant go on with out you
you make me cry :(
make my tears stop.. come back to me

:( <33 emm ALL MINE
Dear Heart .
You will meet a boy today.. prepare to <><>SHATTER<><>

<33 emm
yOuR LIES leave \\S\\C\\A\\R\\S\\ on my W.R.I.S.T.S

<33 emm :(

<33 EMM
\\ ITS <33 LOVE <33 MAKE IT &*(HURT)*& //

<33 EMM
***dOnt -() appoligixe ()- i hope yOu C..H..O..K..E AND )(DIE)(***

<33 EMM