Status: let's run away. i'll be a starlet.
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Emily c;

Sophomore • Volleyball Player • Hockey Fan • Writer • Stage Manager

I'm going to be a journalist.

And one day, i'll get out of this town.

Until that day, here I am.

Quotes by emmiemonster420

I want to go back to the twenties.
There was style. There was adventure. There was purpose.
L e t ' s   g o   b a c k .
I  c o u l d   b e   a   s t a r l e t .
i cant wait to get out of high school.
if people gave me a chance, they would see i'm not that weird, annoying girl who doesn't fit in.

but they cant give me a chance.
i need a reason to stay in this town a while longer.
i wouldnt mind if you were that reason.
annoying ia a word thats going to haunt me forever.
too used to being used,
too used to being number two.
i wanted you to be different.
and i wanted to be the one to prove it.
maybe if i were a little taller, a little thinner, a little smarter, a little funnier, a little more her, then maybe you would fall for me.
i wish that smile was for me.
i finally felt good about myself.
and then you ruined it.