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oh hai der :)

new and updated facts about me. some are still the same, some have changed ;D
oh, btw..new pictuure okay? let me know puhlease :D
78 Facts Abouut Me! :D
1. My name is Emily
2. I LOVE cheesecake..give me cheesecake and I will forever love you.
3. My dog is my baby<3
4. His name is Jake :D
5. I love my family
6. My bestfriend means the world to me<3
7. I am flying on a plane for the first time this summer. I'm scared :(
8. I am a realllly big flirt. OH welll.
9. I'm really insecure about my smile. 
10. I ALWAYS date awful guys, it's kind of my special talent; finding shitty guys..
11. I haven't saaid my age yet..take a guess. Seriously. Try to guess. I bet EVERYONE they'll guess younger than I actually am.
12. My favorite animal is a shark 
13. I am no longer eating cheesecake while doing this </3
14. I had cancer as a baby
15. My bestfriend turned out to be my worst enemy, I now have 2 police reports against her.
16. I like the new Crackle Nail Polish by Sally Hansen<3
17. I give really good advice..sometimes
18. I'm a girl, I can be a bitch
19. I make stupid mistakes
20. I'm not always a good person
21. I get annoyed easily, but I forgive easier
22. If i'm mad at you, just say you're sorry. BAM i'm unmad :)
23. It's cute if guys can sing and/or play the guitar :)
24. I enjoy making things awkward
25. I'm not a shy person, ever
26. I tell people I love them alot, if I hesitate to tell you, I really like you. 
27. I look like an idiot when I try to death stare people
28. I have a huuuge variety of music choices
29. I had a fish...it died.
30. If you're still reading this, you're either really bored..or you're thinking..wow this girl is W-E-I-R-D.
31. I looove dresses and skirts
32. I also love shoes
34. I love stupid jokes :D
35. I can speak Spanish 
36. Guys with accents are adorable<3
37. Shy guys with accents are even better<3
38. I do own a shirt that says i<3boys
39. My old phone was pink. It stopped turning on one day, so now I have a phone that resembles a blackberyy..ya know. In case you wanted to know..
40. I play tennis :D
41. I'm unintentially a huge flirt
42. I despise people with bad grammar or who talk lik di$
43. I don't say "lol" I says LAWLZ, or trololololololololol
44. I haate my town
45. My favorite color is yellow and orange
46. I looove Mexican food
47. I'm going to Spain :D
48. I want to be a kindergarten teacher 
49. I love playing in the rain
50. He is We is my favorite band<3
51. I look really really little, and sound even littler
52. Littler is a weird looking word..
53. Meowing randomly is my favorite awkward moment maker
54. Lifetime movies are the greatest on a rainy sunday<3
55. I have had the dream kiss in the rain. :)
56. I support gay rights, if I feel that is thats everyone should be happy, and no one should try to take that away from anyone. If anyone says anything slightly homophobic I will flip out on them. 
57. I hate seeing people get picked on
58. I hate being called hot or sexy, I feel like a piece of meat or something
59. I have always wanted a guy to come to my window in the pouring rain and throw pebbles at my window :)
60. I have also wanted a guy to just show up at my house to say hi just because they miss me. Not text me. 
61. My phone is ALWAYS with me. Always.
62. I skype/oovoo pretty much every night with my bestest friend<3
63. I miss him
64. I like to read
65. Tosh.0<3 'nuff said
66. Unfriendable.com, Dearblankpleaseblank.com, Tasteofawesome.com. Facebook.com, Wittyprofiles.com=life
67. In my opinon, doing drugs/alcohol are a waste of time. Doesn't mean I haven't done them. Just means that...They're dumb.
68. I always find somethinng to laugh about :D
69. I have never had a Big Mac.
70. My favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Skins, The Real World, and Tosh.0, Degrassi
71. I strongly dislike 99.9% of the people in my school
72. I'm excited for college ;D
73. I want to move to North Carolina
74. I have reallly blonde hair, naturally. I don't dye my hair. At all. Pinky swear
75. I change crushes a lot
76. I have a bad habit of talking WAY too much
77. I cannot dance to save my life. Doesn't mean I don't dance, I just look like a fool while doing it :)
if you actually read this, let me know pleaase. i wanna know if people actually read this silly nonsense abouut me :D thannks! :D

wanna knoow more abouut meh!? leave a comment :D

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Don't Ask.Don't Tell. 

Yeah The Movie Cyberbu//y Is Sad...
But do you want to know what's sadder? The fact that it takes a fictional movie to get people to realize the effects of 
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The Best Thing To Hold Onto In Life
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