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Heyyoooo I'm Emily Anne Koumaev. Most people just call me Emmy. I'm 14 years young. I curse WAYYYYY too much. Burping makes me giggle. French fries are my world. Back off BITCHES their all mineee. Hollister is my sanctuary. The beach is my home. The boardwalk is my playground. Vaniella Bean Frapachino's are yummilicious. 101 Dalmations just might be the best movie ever made. Chris Brown is constantly played on my zune. Dancing is my after school thang. Captain of the cheerleading squad. Music makes my world go round. I'm textually active. Currently banging Luke Santos 4/3/07♥. Bestii's for life: Natty&Jackie♥.

Quotes by emmyxxx33

++ gravity isn't responsible
for falling in love++
love see's not with the eyes
but with the mind