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Today I was swinging on the swing and I was afraid to jump off, he stood in front of my swing and said ,"Jump, I promise I'll catch you." He caught me<3

My cousin and My bestfriend. I don't like it already.
This is a bad position for me to be in.. eekk

Your leaving..
The rest of us are staying here ...
I don't want you to go...
It won't be the same without you...
I never said it and meant it to you...
But today I know I do..
I .. Love.. You.. <|3....Goodbye..<|3 
I'm sorry I'm not perfect or always nice and happy, i admit i have my flaws I'm wrong and right I'm not always in the best mood or always look my best but that's just me and i can't change anything about that, and if you can't except it than I don't want you in my life, I'm done with people hatin cause I'm something they will never be. 


* Everybody Needs Inspiration *

HappyBirthday14thLexii<33 Iloveyou
 hellokittyy19 ♥

 bestfriends forever <3


If you think about it.. Guys on witty is helping us know what we're doing wrong..<3 

I'm so sorry for everything.

he said ive been to the year 300 thousand not much has changed but they lived underwater,and your great great great grand daughter, Is doing fine (is doing fine).

I'm slippin into the lava , and imma tryin keep from fallling under
 baby you turn temperature hotter. im burning up bunrng up for you baby(:

its an S.O.S dont wanna second guess im on the bottom line its true i gave my all for you..

I love the jonas brothers.(: 
fav if you miss them(: