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      Hiya, i am Emy. in love to have fun. i was born in this bueatiful world on Ocober 21,1996. i love to be with friends,listen to music, watch movies, be on witty. i do have a life through. i am single. if you want to talk, talk to me. i am a good listener. so talk to me anytime and don't be afraid. yeah i ohave red hair so yeah i am a ginger so yep. 

Quotes by emy

Those short girl problems where you have to climb on your locker to reach the top shelf 
When you realize your broken, but you still have hope that you can fix yourself, but then something happens you want to go back to your old habbits and just break even more. Yeah, that me right now. Thought sun was coming out, but there was just whole where the rain was pouring. :'( - Sorry for rambling. 
Don't you love it when your crying your eyes out and you can say i'm fine through them. I love those nighs.
When your mom starts talking to you then tells you to shut up.
I need a poem for him, but i don't know what could you guys help me. i will tell you everything. 
Heard a christmas song this afternoon. It's not even Thanksgiving guys!!
I am not wanting someone to fix my broken self. I just want someone to love my broken self and to be there for me.
Loving someone could destroy you, but it could make you happy. Happy is what we are all looking for so i'm going for it.
Seeing someone and then those feeling that you though went away but they hit you like a truck and you feel sick to your stomach because you will always love you enough.
As she turns the music and falls into the support of music. she actualy feels something. For the longest time she feels happiness. She listens close to the music that explains and listens to her like no one else. She feels whole now.