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   Hey! My name's Emily, and I'm just another mixed up teenage girl living in this mixed up world.  I have 2brothers. I am a middle child.  Older brother 19 and younger 15. I share a room with both of them and  yes it gets crowded. I have 2dogs, 3 cats, a bird, and over 20 chickens. I go to Foothill Tech High School. My favorite color is blue,  and favorite number is 9.  I hate the color purple with a burning passion and  am very picky. I love making friends and I'm always here if ya need to talk. So  leave a message or comment  I'm always here to listen/help. (:

           <3 EMILY =)

Quotes by emys9

Love will come and go,
And this pain with always remain.
Because of the boy
who plays me like a toy

that I fell for a while ago.

I'm done with wishing
And hoping it'll all work out
Because I'm in love with a boy
Who'd never actually be with me.

I've talked to him
about us.
But it could never be

so I'm stuck falling harder
every day, knowing when I hit the ground it won't be pretty.

I pray that someone will be there to catch me
But as each day goes by

I fall harder
And my heart breaks
a little more

Although seeing his smile
And hanging with him one on one

My heart stitches back together
Until it's ripped apart when
Reality hits me in the face.

Bestfriends,, that's what we'll always be.
But I just wonder
If I'm ever going to be good enough,
Or if he’ll see what's always going to be waiting for him..

That Awkward

your teacher catches you
on witty adding a quote,
but they say nothing..


nmf~~~credit to olgitcaaboo

20 Confessions in 20 Days;
5- a love

Dear Connor,
Yeah I had loved you. A lot. And you didn't understand the feelings I had to you. And you broke my heart. Leaving me without an explanation. Yeah later, what was it, six months later? I got my explanation. And things were finally cool between us. We started hanging out again and our friendship was being restored. But then you didn't something I never thought you'd do. You went after my best friend in the world. And then something else unthinkable happened. She didn't turn you down. Even knowing the pain you caused me... I kicked you out of my life then. And I certainly don't want you back in it.
Sincerely- No one who should be important to you anymore.

People do change, and hearts  do break,

and in time we learn to forgive and forget.

But  sometimes  the  pain  is  too  much,  and  we'd  rather  forget  and  never  forgive.

 You said nothing would ever come between us and you'd never hurt me
  then you went after him, and stabbed me in the back and broke my heart.

I never wanted to loose my bestfriend, but you choose him over me..



How I really feel.♥


Thank you for being a friend

down the road and back again

You're heart is true
You're a pal and confidant

And if you threw A party
invited everyone you ever knew

you would see the biggest gift would  be from me,
and the card
attached would say thank you for being a friend.




A special one
Who could never be replaced
Your smile is like the sun
Having you, is like being graced.

Always there,
Even when I'm asking about my hair.
You're a life saver
Especially when I need a favor.

You'll always be there
Life or death
For you, you'll always care.
You'll be there till my last breath

Not many words I can use
To describe my love for you
You can always cure my blues.
Some thanks are finally due.

So thank you
For always being there
Us five, are some crew
Just know, we truly care.

(poem for my mom, tell me what you think, before I give it to her for mother's day) (:
Dear Mom:
I love you, so much. But sometimes, you just don't get it. I know you may think you "know me." But honestly, nobody in our family does. I keep to myself all the time, I write poetry, I cry a lot, I have anger issues at times, I need to vent a lot (but don't). There's so much you DON'T know about me..I think if I showed my true self, you wouldn't believe me. I express myself in odd ways. Dying hair, wanting piercings, dressing different. NO, thank you very much, I am NOT going Goth or emo. Black hair, nose/ belly button piercings. Heck yes. I can't wait. (: But mom, I do wish you knew the real me. I wish I was more comfortable talking to you, telling you what goes on in my life. Yeah, I have had boyfriends before; you don't know that. I've also had my heart broken a couple times; you don't know that. You may know of some friendship problems of mine, but you don't know how I am really feeling. Mom, I wish you were there to comfort me more. I wish you were more understanding.. I'll keep wishing til the day I move out. Mom I love you, a lot. But you don't know me, so please don't pretend you do.

Your daughter [(who doesn't even know herself)