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Hello Beautiful!
Welcome to my profile,
my name is Sammy, im 14 years old
and i live in massachusetts!

My life consists of witty. field hockey.music.taylor swift. nicki minaj.JOSH HUTCHERSON.facebook.youtube.HUNGER GAMES(team peeta).food.& friends(Without them my life would be boring as f*ck.).and much more(:

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Cool story bro, put that in the history books with all of the other sh*t I don't care about.




Eating pringles and using two of them to create a beak that makes you look like a duck.

I wonder what it feels like to be
one of those pretty girls that all the guys want.





Dear Teacher,

When 90% of the class fails it's not cuz we did'nt try it's cuz you're a horrible teacher.






Alien 1: Did the humans get our message?
Alien 2: Yes, but they named it dubstep and danced to it.
 I find it much sadder when a dog
dies in a movie than a human.


Remember when sitting boy-girl-boy-girl used to be a punishment?

Roses are red...
I have a phone
Nobody texts me
Forever alone.

Dora the Explorer

Dora: What was your favrite part?

Me: I liked the part where we hopped over the alligators in order to cross the candy river.

Dora: I liked that part too! My favorite part was when we hopped over the alligators in order to cross the candy river.



The  amount  of  work  a
messy  bun  actually takes.

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