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Hello Beautiful!
Welcome to my profile,
my name is Sammy, im 14 years old
and i live in massachusetts!

My life consists of witty. field hockey.music.taylor swift. nicki minaj.JOSH HUTCHERSON.facebook.youtube.HUNGER GAMES(team peeta).food.& friends(Without them my life would be boring as f*ck.).and much more(:

Quotes by enchanted16

If you are reading this;
you are beautiful. Smile and let the world show it.

Would'nt it be the perfect crime
if i stole your heart and you stole mine?


Live for today and make it so beautiful
that it's worth remembering.

I just want to be the girl you love all your life...

Spongebob: Cheer up, Squidward! It could be worse!
Patrick: Yeah! You could be bald and have a big nose!


Do you smell it?
That smell.
A kind of smelly smell.
The smelly smell that smells...

-Mr. Krabs

Walk into bathroom, check for murderer behind shower curtain,

You have
a sick twisted mind.
wanna be friends?


forgeterr's signature format. Please don't remove credit. Or I will hunt you down. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.

That awkward moment
when you do fat booth and nothing changes...

Your secret is safe with me...and my best friend.

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