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Haio :3 i'm a freshman. such a short asain. as an august baby. singlee. the band, im5band. an australian named cody simpson. a tumblr fanlady. notinterstdin1d. talk to me if you'd like. mkbyye. -Elyssa 

Quotes by epinkHKit143

Can i be your GENTLEMAN?
i promise that i'll be as gentle as i can.

-Cody simpson

I can't stay away for another second.
Let me say everything.
your the ONLY ONE worth fighting for.
& i wont throw my promises away. 


Letting go is tough.
But holding on hurts to much.

one of the biggest mistakes a girl always makes is falling too hard for a guy

Sticks and stones may break my bones
but your words break my heart~
[[i'm not as strong as you think i am]]
i'm no superman

Pop it, lock it, polka dot it
Country-fy, then Hip-Hop it

Put Your hawks In The Sky
move Side To Side
Jump To The Left, Stick It, Glide
Zig, Zag 'cross The Floor, Shuffle in Diagonal
When The Drum Hits, Hands On Your Hips
One Foot in, 180 Twist
I said a, Zig Zag, Step, Slide, Lean it to the Back and Clap 3 Times
Shake It Out, Head To Toe
Throw It All Together, That's How We Roll

who else sang and/or danced to this?
Describe the perfect girl in one word: YOU
~Dana Vaughns



[ takin off, your love]
>>puts me on a cloud.<<
--------> i never wanna
touch the ground <--------
&& when u smile
there is zero gravity now


   It started with I

           then the L



                                                    E came over me

and it ends with U

It all ends with you

the explosion of jealousy you get when you see one of your friend's post a picture on facebook of her and the guy you like cuddling.