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my names erica, my birthdays march 6th, im fourteen, and im from massachusetts <3

Quotes by erica3698

I`m dying to catch my breath

oh why don`t i ever learn?


Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.
The precious moments are all lost in the tide;
they're swept away and nothing is what it seems...
the feeling of belonging to your dreams.

dont feel stupid if you dont like what
everyone else pretends to love.



Dont give up just
because things get hard . . .

the writings on the wall,

those who came before

left pictures frozen still in time;
you say you want it all

but whose side you fighting for?

shut the door,

turn the lights off, I wanna be with you.

I wanna be your love.
I wanna lay beside you.

I cannot hide this, even though I try 

it must have been love,
but it`s over now.



all those words came undone
&im not the only one facing the ghosts that decide if the fire
                                                       inside still burns


sometimes when i close

my eyes, i pretend im alright...

but its never enough </3


If I die for you