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Hi I'm Erica. I'M A NEW YORKERR:P hehe. I'm 15 years old and my birthday is April 14th. I'm a sophomoreee. Feel free to     talk to me if I'm on, I need more people to talk to on here, I talk to like, zero people.  Sports are my life. I play soccer, swim, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, and diving (you name it, I've probably played it). Everybody tells me I am the BIGGEST nerd they've ever met, both academically and a band nerd(i play flute) :p  That's basically it.  If you wanna know more, then just ask:) 

my lifee:
- sports
- school (NERD)
- music (alternative and punk rock)
*fav bands:
- mayday parade
- all time low
- paramore
- every avenue
- 3OH!3
- boys like girls
- go radio
- an evening with<---(my cousins actually in that one)
- envy on the coast
- the maine

my youtube accounts:

follow me on twitter!!/ericaaagiiatas

(if you can't tell, neon green and purple are my two favorite colors haha)


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Quotes by ericaa05

what happened here?
when i was here the top quotes had thousands of favorites...

why did people leave this place
wow i haven't been on here in a while
im 17 and the last time i posted i was 15
rry to everyone i was helping:(
i feel so bad, i love you and i hope you're ok
i left because i had some personal stuff
depression, bulimia, anxiety, suicide
but its getting better and i missed you all
i may not be perfect,
but at least i'm me.
when life gives you
a hundred reasons

o  c r y,

show life that you have
a thousand reasons

t o  s m i l e.
Delivery Guy: delivery for Josh Nickles.
Josh:  thank you, have a nice day!
Delivery Guy: don't tell me what to do...

best show ever.

waiting hours in line to get new things on sale...
the day after we claimed to be thankful for what we already have.



Drake's Girlfriend: jumping out of a helicopter is dangerous
Drake:  they say one in five people don't even make it to the ground.
Josh: what do you mean they don't make it to the ground...where do they go?!

best show ever.

y o u  d o n ' t  k n o w  w h a t  y o u  g o t
u n t i l  i t ' s  g o n e.


Drake: we can't, it says they're only available in south ahmerika..
Josh: you mean south AMERICA.

best show ever.

I don't get it...
                                                     M A R I O  C A N  B R E A K  B R I C K S  W I T H  H I S  H E A D ,     

        but dies when he touches a turtle.