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So they call me erica.
Im obsessed with Finding Nemo<3
my bestfriends are lauren and olivia(:
and purple is pretty.
and i know you are bored reading this by now
and  im bored writing it!

Quotes by ericaannfoote

Boys suck. All they want is to get some. Well listen up honey, you blew it, so no, i won't blow it.

Screw Prince Charming.
Where's my Edward Cullen?
Just admit it. we have all tasted glue at one point in our lives.

and bella didnt even smile at her own wedding.

My 11:11 11/11/11 wish came true. 
I know your all freaking jealous<3
 I Pray Your brakes go out going down the hill, i pray a flowerpot falls from the windowsill and knocks you in the head like id like to, i pray your birthday comes and nobody calls, i pray your flying high... and your engine stalls, i pray all of your dreams, never come true, just know wherever you are honey, i pray for you(;