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sometimes things change in lifee, people move on . you grow up, you dont relie on everyone else to pick up your pieces. you make your own choices in lifee, so hold your head high & own your own lifee. dont ever let anyone bring you down.

go ahead and make it pretty, :)
youuu make me feel like im the bad guy.
your the one who was playing your lil games. funny how you talked to me like i was the only girl, && now suddenly you have a girlfriend. i should have relized you are all the same. grow a pair, next timee and tell me yourself instead of using facebook.
bestfriends;i love it when were the biggest iddiots, talking about the gayest shieet, but then we can be serious && talk about anything and everythingg! i got your back && i know you got mine, always no matter what, we always have each other <3
it can be the greatest feeling in the world,
it can make you feel safe,
it can make you forget everything
& start all over again.
but love can also make you feel
out of control, scared, like its eating away
at you, until there's nothing left.
love really sucks.@

daymmn straight.
shes my bestfriend. probably the only person left who i can trust.
&& our friendship will last forever. unlike the stupid relationships we get put through. <33


just wantd to dedicate this to my bstfriend.
i wouldnt survive without her!
&& i look back to the times we spent together ;
& all i can think is whatta waste of lifee.
dont neeed any lowlifes in my lifeee.
soo cyaaa loser!
&& ive come to realize;;
its not me its you. your the one who decided to lie + cheaat.
your not just gonna snap your fingers && get what uu want.
guess what ; you cant control me anymore. it just doesnt work.
&& finally your stupid little spell doesnt work on me anymore </33
&& i hate the wayy youu have me in your hands.
with just one worrddd + im back to eatingg the ice-cream from the tub.
then you decide to confuse me a lil + im back to being in lovee with you.
im soo sick of these gamess its not fun.
yeeaa its finee..
you go out with that girl behind my back.
telling me your the only onee foe mee.
do you really think im that stupid.
&& dont come back telling me lies.
becoz i seen what i saw okaay.
so just stop the bullshit.
its getting pretty old nows.

veeent i hate liars .

 +&; I Dont Understand Howw;;


you believe its ok to lead her on. lie straight up to her,
 make her believe you honestly care for her. when all you knoe how to do is;;
 Lie , Cheat +& Plaaaay.

total vent (: