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were going nowhere fast
-lady gaga


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if theres one thing ive learned
is take every opportunity you     
because one day your going to fall ~asleep~

and never wake up
until its too late..

that's all there is to say anymore.


by a good friend

Broken along the shores
of bleeding ocean reds
I find your bones a-c-r-o-s-s
dirty sandy beds.
Reminded of the sirens
when I couldn't look away
and wouldn't close my eyes
or find the words to say.
Memories of hatred
of one who >stabbed< and ripped
given you were already dead
from words with blood that dripped.
Now looking on horizons
the sun will shine your face
and diamonds fall from skies
while angels scream at pace.
Crying on the scene...
given that you knew..
and even in a coffin.
I'll forever love you

Even when were
Apart </3
We’re still looking
At the same
Sky <3

something so simple to say


yet so hard to really mean

april 16th, 2010
thousands maybe millions of people across the nation will be taking a vow of silence in their schools to support a no tolerance policy for bullying/violent behavior towards those who are being bullied (mainly aimed towards those who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender). You can help too by supporting those who are victims of this harrasment by taking the vow of silence or supporting the cause without remaining silent. Please if your school doesn't have a program like this TAKE ACTION! You can do many things to support by wearing ribbons, putting duct tape over your mouth with the word "Silence" written on it, or simply don't talk the entire school day. This means a lot to those who support this cause and we're looking for all the help we can get. If you take part, please let no one stand in your way for supporting this. Check your school to see if they already have a program and spread the word. And maybe this year the silence will end this, forever.

and if you are a hater, there is truly no need for you to comment. i am a proud cristian but i also stand up for what i beileve in.

highlight if you support this cause please! tell your friends!!
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My friend was close to sucide once
and i talked him down
i told him how much he would be missed by everyone
and how he has his whole life ahead of him
he sent the girl that put him into depression
pictures of pills repetively
he told me then that there was no point
the school already found out that he was

bisexual, unfaithful, and a manwhore
he didnt do it
but he never was who he was
before this