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name: alexis
pretty much do whati want
live life to the fullest
cant stand people who think drugs and alcohol make them look cool
would be absolutely lost without my friends
have that special someone i wish would give me the time of day
2 more years and im doing my own thing with my life
music is my voice would be lost without it
sining and playing guitar is my passion
music is my outlet
my family is the greatest and is there with me every step of the way
and im pretty crazy and completely easy to talk to and just dont get me pisses cause then youll hate me
dont have much else to say so....


Quotes by everlove45

A drop in the ocean

a change in the weather

i was parying that you and me might end up together

its like wishing for rain as i stand in the desert

but im holding you closer than most

because you are my heaven

takes years to build
only seconds to break
what if, you really knew me?

Live ABOVE the influence.
Not BELOW it

             YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!
life is a beautiful melody only the lyrics are messed up
"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser"

~John W. Gardner~
we are best friends because God knew that no mother could handle the two of us as sisters!!
facts and opinions:   
its a fact that i don't care about other peoples opinions