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hi. soo, my name is elizabeth. i'm 16. i've been on witty for almost two years on my quote account, sayheyilyx [link down thurrr]. that username and this username are two of my favorite songs. say hey (i love you) by michael franti and everybody talks by neon trees. those songs make me happy and that is the reason i chose those. okay, i'm talking about a bunch of shit that no one cares about. mkay. well, i had an account that shall not be named. if you knew it, awesome. obviously, it is not in use anymore for a good reason, but a reason that shall not be discussed. i hit a bump in the road of life but i survived. yay for survival. soo, i write and i post it here for you sluts to read and leave thoughts. c; i love you whores. thanks for supporting me if you knew about the account that shall not be named. it really means the world to me...
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I needa tell you guys something.

I can't write anymore. Like, I've just sort of lost my desire to write. I'm not getting much feedback on My Mistake and that makes me feel like you guys aren't liking it, but I'm starting to not like it. I feel like I went into this story not really having a meaning for it; I was just writing it. I have story plots in my head and I want to write them, but my schedule just doesn't really allow for it and when I do have the time to write, it's not what I want to be doing. I'd rather do something else. Maybe when summer comes around, I'll come back to write stories because I'll have more time then but right now, I just don't want to write. I'm really sorry you guys. It's not fair to those of you that read it. I won't be on this account anymore but I might come back summer of 2013. Hopefully you'll all still be here too. Goodbye guys, thanks for being supportive but it's just not the right time for me to be writing. I love you guys and I'd love to keep in touch. Comment me on my main account, sayheyilyx. (Link on my profile). Bye guys.


Chapter Four

“Umm, thanks for the advice,” I told Jimmy, “but I’m a pretty good judge of character. I think I can take care of myself.” Nodding once, I walked away briskly, past the table with all the attractive people; people I would never fit in with.

“Uhh, Bailey!” I heard Miley call after me, “Where are you going?” She stood up from the table, her eyes looking sad.

I didn’t want to be mean to her, especially after she was so nice to me, so I lied to her; rather than tell her the truth that we could never be friends. “I’m just going to get some fresh air,” I told her. “I’ll be right back though.”

I could tell she totally bought it, the way her face lit up and she smiled, “Great! See you in a bit!”

Smiling half-heartedly, I raised my hand in goodbye and left the cafeteria and walked through the school’s front doors. I kind of did need fresh air. I walked over to a big tree; a weeping willow, my absolute favorite. I would spend hours under the one in my old backyard back in Ohio. I would play games with myself, read, write. Wow. I hadn’t written in ages, not since I was twelve. I remember the thrill I would get from thinking up a good storyline, getting attached to my characters, loving them as I would love a friend. Just then, I heard a rustle. “Who’s there?” I worked to keep my voice from wavering; yeah, that didn’t go as well as I hoped.

Just then, Drew Walker, THE Drew Walker stepped out from under the tree, a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. I scowled at him. “Smoking’s a nasty habit. It kills.” I would know, I lost my Grandpa to lung cancer.

He glared right back at me, “It’s not lit.”

Confusion was probably written all over my face, “Why do you have one then?” I rolled my eyes. “You probably think it makes you look cool, don’t you? Well, news flash!” I waved my arms in his face. “It doesn’t. You look like an idiot.”

He took a hold of my arm and squeezed it. “Don’t tell me what I am or aren’t. No one knows who I am. No one.” And with that, he left school grounds, walking to wherever the hell he was going. Freak.

I decided to follow him. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m a stalker. But no . . . I’m far from it. I just . . . wanted to know where he was going, that’s all.

He walked for about 20 minutes. I tried to walk lightly, walking around anything that might let him know I was there, but somehow, even with all my precautions, I think he still knew I was there. 25 minutes into the walk, he glanced over his shoulder at me, raised an eyebrow, but didn’t tell me to leave. In fact, he didn’t even say anything. He slowed down until I caught up to him. We walked in silence until we came to a house . . . or what used to be a house. He walked up the walk to what used to be the front door and stepped through. I followed hesitantly and finally broke the silence. “Umm, where are we?”

Drew was running a hand over ripped and burned wallpaper, a tear slowly going down his face. What the hell? “This was my old home,” he whispered, offering no more information.

you guys probably hate me... i'm such a slacker. -.- but here's chapter four! please comment! 
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Hey guys, I just thought I'd let you know why I'm such a slacker. I hope it doesn't come off as an excuse, and more as a reason. :P I'm in the school play (Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I'm a munchkin, get on my level) and it takes up seriously so much time. This coming week is hell week and we're at rehearsal from 3 to 9 so I probably won't even be on the computer at all this week. Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so after that, I'll have more freetime! YAY! So yeah, that's one reason.
Even after this week, I might not be posting a lot still because of my classes. I'm taking all honors (chemistry, geometry, english, and latin 2) and one AP class (american government). So as you can see, I get a lot of homework and school comes first. :P
Just wanted to let you guys know what's been going on since it's been 3 weeks since I've posted chapter 2. lol I'm such a bad person. -.- 

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Hi c;

I'm feeling pretty bored and I want you guys to ask me questions! :) http://ask.fm/sayheyilyx 


Chapter Three

I shrugged. “I don’t know. You know, I’ve heard great things about you and since I’m new, I wanted to introduce myself to you.” I smirked. Getting involved with Drew Walker would surely tick my father off, and then we’d have no choice but to move back with my mother. Genius, Bailey!

“Well, that’s good that you heard of me.” He smiled for a second until his face dropped to total disgust. “Then you should know I’m not a social bug, I love to be alone, and if you know what’s good for you, you won’t ruin what I love.” He got up just as the bell rang. I just stood there, dumbfounded and embarrassed. Before he exited the class, he winked at me emotionlessly.

He’s going to be my friend whether he likes it or not.

The rest of my morning classes were okay. I actually talked to one of the students. I think her name was Miley or something strange like that. The lunch room was small but really crowded. I looked around to see where I could sit. I also looked around to find my almost best friend Drew, but he was nowhere to be found. I guessed he hated seeing millions of student faces.

Was I really just standing there, looking around? There was nowhere to sit alone. Did I mention how much I loved my new school?

“Hey!” A voice made me jump. It was the Miley girl.

“Oh, hi,” I replied.

“Looks like you’re having fun standing up,” Miley laughed. I nodded jokingly. “Come on, you can sit at my table.” When we reached her table, I counted ten people there: six boys and four girls. They all stopped what they were doing to look up at me. Take a picture; I’m sure it’ll last long. I had to restrain myself from saying it. I noticed they were all super gorgeous.

“So, guys, this is Bailey, she’s from Arizona,” Miley said, putting her arm around me. She then introduced me to everyone else. Four girls named Maria, Rebekah, Skyler, and Nyla. Weird names. The boys were named Jadon, Jimmy, Rich, Myles, Zach, and Rylan.

“Hi,” I said awkwardly. “Umm . . . I’m Bailey . . .” my voice trailed off. I didn’t know what to say to them.

I looked at the boy Jimmy. He looked familiar. I was almost tricked into thinking it was Drew when I remembered Miley mentioning her latest crush, whose name happened to be Jimmy Walker. Walker. Same last name as Drew. Was he related to him? I decided to find out. “Umm, Jimmy,” I said, “can I talk to you for a minute?”

The curly-haired boy looked a little confused, but agreed to walk to an empty table to talk. “What’s up?” he asked in an adorable voice. Stop it, Bailey; you need to get this done.

“Umm, are you by any chance related to—?”

“Drew Walker?” he questioned, cutting me off.

I looked at him strangely, “How’d you know I was going to ask tha—”

He cut me off again. “Yes, I am, and if you’d know what’s good for you, you’d stay away from him.” I just looked at him and he sighed, running a large hand through the bed of curls on his head. “He’s my brother. All the girls who move here or are new, they think he’s hot, they wanna get to know him.” He rolled his eyes. “They don’t know him.” His eyes darkened a little more. “No one knows him.”

It was turning a little too horror filmy for me so I thanked him cautiously and walked back to the table, marveling over Drew in my head. What was so dangerous about this guy?

guys. it's been 29.9 days since i've posted a chapter. holy sh/t. i feel bad. although i don't think anyone really noticed. xD that's alright. well, there's nothing to write in here because i included anything going on in my life in the notification. xD THIS CHAPTER IS SO BORING OMFG. I don't know where exactly i'm going with this story but ya know, WE'LL SEE. please comment! 
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Hey guys, it's been awhile, huh?
So I just thought I'd let you know what's going on.
I started my sophomore year the 16th.
It's been really stressful already.
I have anxiety, especially when it comes to school.
I'm a perfectionist, and I'm usually up late making sure my homework is perfect.
Because I'm up so late and have school all day, I haven't had much time to write. :/
Chapters are not going to be out as soon as I'd like and that upsets me. :(
Well, just thought I'd fill you all in on my "awesome" life. lol not.
xo Elizabeth


Chapter One

As I looked around the intriguing place, my dad took my luggage out of the car and I could feel cold, unwanted breezes blowing through my hair. The tears were still running down my face as I secretly wished I had stayed with Mom. Even with her in her drunken state of mind, my father had made it clear that he didn’t want me to be around her until she turned sober, even if it meant moving to a new house in a new town in a new state.

“Bailey, come on, you have been crying for hours,” my father said, annoyed, as he tried to wipe away the tears that were streaming silently down my face. I moved my face away before he could and I slowly made my way up to the old house; my new home.

Oregon. Why did we have to move? If my dad said he loved my mother so much, why did we leave her with a nanny that spoke almost no English? I sighed inaudibly as I explored the home, running my tan hands over the wallpaper covering the walls. It looked comfy, but in an unusual way. My father came in with the bags.

“Bailey,” he started, tiredly, “the movers will bring in the rest of your things by tomorrow morning, so take your bags to your room and then we can go out to eat to this little diner I heard about.”

I looked at him for what seemed like a lifetime and shook my head. “I’m not hungry,” I lied. It feels weird just to have a conversation when we haven’t spoken in two days through the whole car ride.

“God damnit! Bailey!” he yelled, which made me jump. “I’m trying to do the best I can for this family! I’m not the bad guy here! I’ve tried to help your mother, God knows I’ve tried, but for me to help her, she needs to want help first. We gave her way too many options!”

- - -

Somehow, I ended up at the diner after arguing with my father in the car the whole way there. At least it’s a start. We were starting to spat out our feelings. I quietly slipped into the booth. Dead. That was the diner. Dead and boring silence. I had to deal with it as we ordered.

“Well, hey y’all!” A red-haired lady around the same age as my dad walked over with a pad of paper in her hand and a pencil tucked behind her ear for safe-keeping. “Well, look at you!” She turned to me. “You are so cute!” She leaned over and I could see right down her shirt. Ew. “Would you like a bendy straw?”

I looked back at her. Why was she talking to me like I was twelve? “I’m sixteen for your information,” I responded snappily.

The lady just smiled at me in a sickening way and turned to my dad. She had this look in her eyes that every woman got when looking at my dad. Even at the age of 45, I guess my dad was pretty good-looking, if you liked graying hair and a wannabe mustache. “What can I get for y’all?” she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at Dad, and fixing her nametag that read: Lacey.

“Well, Lacey,” my dad began, winking at her, causing her to become flustered and drop her notepad. “I’d like a nice cheeseburger and my lovely daughter would like . . . ?” He looked to me expectantly.

I scowled, looking at the menu. “Some fries,” I muttered, not looking at either of them.

My dad smiled at Lacey. “A thing of fries for her, please.”

Lacey nodded shyly and walked away. When she was out of earshot, Dad looked at me. “What was that, Missy?”

I looked at him, my brown eyes wide in disbelief. “What do you mean?” I thought of the scene that just happened but lost my train of thought when a boy about my age walked in.

He wore faded skinny jeans and a tattered shirt. His dark hair was spiky in some places and ruffled in others. My father followed my gaze to the boy and then looked back at me. “Stay away from him,” he murmured. “From what I’ve heard, that boy’s really mysterious. No one knows much about him except that he’s trouble.”

The boy was mysterious. He kept running his hand through his hair as though nervous about something. I saw him glance at me and we had a couple seconds of intense staring as his brown eyes bore into mine.

I didn’t know it then, but my father was right. The boy’s name was Drew Walker. And he was, in fact, nothing but trouble.

Hey guys. So, this is the first chapter. Most of you have probably already read this on the other account, but if you can, please fave this again and PLEASE comment so I can see how you guys are liking it, what you think and stuff. c: So school started and I'm just letting you guys know that chapters will probably not be out as soon as you'd like them to... I've been to two days of school and I already have a shitload of homework. Notes in AP American Government, a packet in Honors Chemistry, a worksheet in Honors Geometry, 20 vocab words in Honors English, and a translation in Honors Latin.. lmfao remind why I took these classes? Ugh saljdga;s. Well, please comment what you think! Oh yeah! And if you want notifications, go to this quote pwease: http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/6154393. Thanks, babes.
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Heya guys. Soo, this story is coming back and on this account now. I deleted my old website because I decided I don't want to use character pictures. I like to think that I give enough detail for you guys to picture the people in your own minds. That's one of the things I love most when I'm reading. c: I will have a website, but it'll only have a notify list which I'll use to notify people... that's pretty self-explanatory haha. So basically, if you'd like to be notified for when I post new chapters, comment on this quote and I'll add you to the list. :D
In other news, I'll be suuuuper busy come Thursday.. Thursday is the first day of school for me. -.- Woo. Not. Sophomore year... it's going to suck. I have like, no friends in any classes. Not that I have any friends. ;D Alsoo, my birthday is coming up and I'll be turning 16! Sweet Sixteen ;D I'll be driving all the time betches. lol no one even cares. ALRIGHT. I'll stop here because I'm rambling. SEE YA.
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