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Quotes by everyone_deserves_a_chance

** ( being sick ) **
when he CALLS and TEXTS you 
just to make sure you
feeling better!

calling her fat and ugly
might make you feel better
but your just giving her
another reason to slit her wrists!

block me all you want but cause LOL i find it funny!
cause you screwed up your own life 
and you got what you deserved!
hunny, its called karma
enjoy it!

Me is in a relationship with Witty
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OH im sorry . . .
I must have forgotten that i asked for

YOUR oppionion on
MY life

yet you smile and joke about it ?



in          class ..
you say your hurt .. so i try and help you 
you say your lonely .. so i dont leave your side
you need someone to talk to .. so i listen
you say you need a friend .. so i am always right here, whenever you need
but as soon as you get mad at me for having other friends, for having a life
and start making me feel like its my fault you harm your self
what do you expect me to do??

im sorry i cant take insults well
im sorry i cant take hate
im sory im weak and pathetic
im sorry i am not strong
im sorry i get insecure
sorry i have flaws
im sorry this quote isnt pretty
im sorry im not your societies idea of perfect ...