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Characters for Nowhere to run

Katy// Lucy//Destiny//Maddi// Lucas //Casi// Cole



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Nowhere To Run chapter 6
I was not going to tolerate Miranda. I just wasn't. She was the most gross,ignorant person i'd ever met. I told my mom that I had to go to school,and i walked out of the house.I couldn't stand that nasty flashback anymore. I walked down the block to Lucy's once again,and guess who was outside waiting for me with her little posse? Destiny. "Katy!" she called me, I walked towards her in her posh convertible. "What do you want Destiny? to pour more pepsi on me? You're getting really pathetic. This whole thing is pathetic. "hahahaha,no!' she remarked laughing and suddenly changing her facial expression into a snobby angry look. I came to return your clothes,from yesterday! She threw them on the sidewalk and laughed, "I don't see why you still want it anyway,it's ugly,and not that great. Oh and i might've spilled some BBQ sauce on it from my dinner last night! Sorry boo!" she sped off immediately while her followers, giggled and shouted out loser,as they drove off. & that was it. I picked up my clothes and threw them into my backpack. I can't take Destiny anymore. I just can't. I have to follow Lucy's words and do something.


         Nowhere To Run; Chapter 5

The very next morning I woke up extra early. I wanted to make sure I got out of my house early enough to avoid Destiny. I got out of bed, and put my hair up into a messy bun. I went downstairs, and looked for my mom. I really wanted to know why she was looking so depressed yesterday morning.
"Mom?" I called out, looking around my dining room.
There was no answer. I ran upstairs to her room. I knocked. No answer.
"Knock, knock knock!" I said. No answer. I wiped the sweat that ran down my cheek.
I opened the door. No sign of mom.
"MOM!" I shouted even louder.
No answer. I ran down the stairs, and went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge. Maybe it was possible that she was in here. Or do I just watch way too much horror movies? I satisfied myself by opening the fridge. I didn’t see much, just: bagels, fries, mustard, mayonnaise, and

“BOO!” mom shouted from behind.
“EEEEP” I screamed turning around to see mom with an everlasting smile on her face.
“I have great news!” she giggled, motioning me to come to the living room. I sat down on the leather sofa under the air-conditioning vent. I sweated way too much in 6 minutes. Mom began,
“You know your cousin?”
“W-w-which cousin?” I asked, hoping with all my heart it wasn’t Miranda. I began to get a nasty flashback, of 3 years ago when she came.
It was Christmas day, what is supposed to be the best day of anyone’s life. Opening presents, praying to God, etc. Mom had a large present under the Christmas tree almost 5’5 m high.  I was desperate to open it when I woke up at 9:00 that Christmas morning.
I opened it, and “BOOM” out jumped Miranda,
“SURPRISE, CUZ!” I remembered her screaming, with her horrible mixture of a New Jersey accent and a Texan accent from either of her parents.
I had screamed like hell that morning, even though I wasn’t surprised; it was Miranda. She gave me the creeps. I even remember her asking to lick my big toe. I asked her why, and she said because it looked like a carrot. I shivered just thinking about it, but I was fortunately interrupted by mom’s questionnaire.
“Are you even listening to me?”
“Y-Yes!” I replied with a fake grin.

I really hate this chapter. But chapter 6 will be better. So,

      Nowhere To Run; Chapter 4

Right after school Lucy and I went to Juice. A smoothie bar 5 blocks before you get to Lakewood Academy. It had been a long, stupid ,day, I was still working my pepsi wear, and all I wanted right now was a smoothie. We met up with Cole as soon as we got there.
"Hey guys, over here!" Cole shouted from our usual table. Right by the flat screen, near a cool flight of steps.
"Hey Cole." we both said sitting down and texting away, while Cole bit his nail watching the basketball game on TV.
"So what's up?" I asked him, trying to get rid of the awkward silence.
He glanced down at me as his worried expression changed into a frightened one.

"What happened to you?!" he asked me, scanning my pepsi stained tank.

"Destiny Fooch" I replied rolling my eyes, and signalling a waiter.

Lucy continued, "Katy was walking to my house and Destiny pepsied her!" she rolled her hazel eyes.
"Oh cool!" Cole said, ignoring her and focusing on the TV, once again.
"Speak of the devil." I muttered as Destiny, Maddi, and Casi walked in.
They saw me staring at them as Casi pointed out and Destiny walked over to me as the others went to a table.
"So if it isn't the three musketeers, Katy, Lucy, and Cole!"
"What do you want Destiny?" I asked, "I think you've caused enough trouble for a day!"
"Ahaha!" she laughed, flipping her cinnimon scented hair. "You call that trouble?" she continued , "Cause it seems like you want some!"
"Just leave us alone!" Lucy said, as Destiny rolled her eyes and giggled.
"Whatever floats your boat!" Destiny laughed, walking away as Cole stared after her.
"I don't believe she has the courage to come over here after all that has happened today!" I shouted.
"I know, she's such a b*tch!" Lucy muttered, "Right Cole?"
"Uh-uh, yeah, if you think so!" he stammered, biting his finger.
Lucy and I then got up and exited Juice. Cole obviously didn't want to listen to us, and for me, well uh, I just wanted to go home.
It was a long stressful day, and this pepsi wear trend wasn't doing much for me.


         Nowhere To Run; Chapter 3

"Ready to go?" Lucy asked me, signalling me to get up off the wet bench.
"Yeah." I sniffled staring down at my wet converse.
Lucy began talking about Lucas' new profile picture, when she stared at my disgusting outfit.
"What happened?" she asked, looking at me, as if she had saw a ghost.
"Destiny!" I remarked , "that's what happened!"
"You cannot go to school like this!" she exclaimed , "You look like you fell in mudd!"
"It's too late to turn back," I explained, " we'll be late for Physics" , "and besides, I have extra clothes in my locker, it's fine."
" You sure?" she asked me.
"Yea," I replied, staring at her cute tank and shorts, and then looking down at my newest collection of pepsi wear.

As soon as we got to school, I asked Lucy to follow me to my locker and get the clothes. I got to my locker and saw that it looked slighty opened.
"It's not here!" I screamed as Lucy looked up from her phone.
"Oh no." she said, "who would take your clothes like that?"
"Take a very good guess!" Destiny said, with an evil grin on her face.
"GIVE HER BACK HER CLOTHES!" Lucy shouted, with her soft voice, that no one ever seemed to take seriously.
"What you need to do is shut up!" Maddi, one of Destiny's followers exclaimed, while chewing a snow mint.
"NO, WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES!" I shouted so loudly I heard it echo throughout the locker room.
"Hahaha, yeah right!" Casi, also one of Destiny followers giggled.
"I think we're done here!" Destiny laughed, "let's go girls."
They walked away giggling, and slammed the door behind them.
"B*tches!" Lucy mumbled under her breath,"I'm so gonna deal with them after school."
"NO NO NO!" I slammed my head down on the locker, and banged my hand.
"It's okay!" Lucy said, "we'll get back at them soon."
"That's simply not the point," I explained , "I have no clothes, and I look like a raisin barfed all over me!"
   The bell rang.


         Nowhere To Run; Chapter 2

"Mom?" I asked, raising a brow of mine. "Yes?" she replied, looking up, with a sudden, out of context, smile on her face.
"Nothing!" I shrugged, picking up the brown lunchbag on my dinner table, and fixing my shirt.
"Bye!" I said, I walking out of the door, and heading for Lucy's house.
"Why was mom looking down on the table?" I asked myself, while tripping over a pebble. I kicked it into the street, as I saw Lucas' ferrari approaching with Destiny in it.
"Hey Loser!" Destiny shouted, signalling Lucas to stop his car, and stopped in front of me on the sidewalk.
"What do you want?" I replied, pretending to text on my phone, but really accidentally calling my house phone. I threw it into my shorts pocket.
"This!" she remarked with a grin, so wide,reaching her perfectly pierced earring. She took out a Wendy's soda out of Lucas' car cupholder, and poured, what looked to me like pepsi, all over my clothes.
"What the hell is your problem?" I screamed, trying to hold up the stray tears in my eyes.
"Hahahaha!" She laughed as Lucas drove off, staring at me with not a grin on his face.
"UGH!" I groaned, and continued walking, as I saw a new text from Lucy.
"Kay, coming now." She replied, with a smiley face.
I walked down to her house and sat on a wooden bench on her front lawn. Suddenly the sprinklers turned on, as I screeched out "WHY ME?!" loud enough for Lucy to possibly here.
Lucy opened her front door, and screamed out "Dad, turn off the sprinker, Katy is on the bench!"


           Nowher e To Run; Chapter 1

  The lights flickered on and off. I couldn’t see anything; it was all just a blur. Suddenly, he came up to me, as a bright yellow light was on our spotlight, and before I knew it….
“Wake up Katy, you’re late for school!”
“Ugh” I groaned, putting my polka dot pillow case over my face.
“I don’t hear movement” mom continued two seconds after, “MOVE MOVE MOVE!”
I picked up my phone, and looked at the time. 7:15. “Oh shoot” I was late.
I got up, and headed for my large wooden closet, opening it and grabbing the simplest Hollister tank in sight, slipping it on. I got out some jeans shorts, and flip flops, brushed my straight, brown, hair, and headed out the door, grabbing my mascara, eyeliner, and phone, off of my bed-side table. I brushed my teeth, headed downstairs, and called out to mom,
“I’m ready.”

I went downstairs to see my mom sitting down at the dinner table, looking down. I hurriedly approached her, moving my head into her field of vision to try and interpret what she was seeing; i couldn't.


              Nowher e To Run; (preface)

I wanted the quickest way home possible. Mom couldn’t know what happened. I’d be grounded for the rest of my life. I couldn’t let that happen. I bit my nail, and scanned my surroundings, as the night grew darker and darker. Before I knew it I had made my way into the dark forest, which was known to have creatures, somewhat humanly unmanageable.

“Grrrrrrr” I heard, coming from up north, but still being confused by the echo from south.

It approached closer, and closer, as my scream grew into a tantrum.